Own Your Words & Actions

It sure is funny to see how events that are factual get spun after the fact.

I’m not sure if people just do damage control or if they’re really so out of touch they don’t realize they’re doing it. Generally speaking, when something happens, no matter how much time passes, that thing still happened. That’s my understanding of how history works.

Sometimes it starts out as spin and then they spin it so much they start believing their own bullshit (remember, I have declared bullshit to be a non-bad word).

If you want to be a giant jerk or get butthurt when I speak the truth (which I always do gently), that doesn’t make me a bad guy. However, I am DONE spending time with people that return evil for good and then convince themselves that everyone else is the problem, not them. Guess what… sometimes when people tell you you’re messing up, it’s because you’re messing up. If nobody’s perfect, that includes you.

But if you hear that you’re messing up from 400 people including dozens that genuinely care about you… and you still decide you’re not messing up, then you can’t be surprised when they stop talking to you. And when you spin it to make it all about how you’re the victim, it just makes you look like a big baby. Perhaps if you can’t handle your position gracefully you have picked the wrong position?

Put on your big kid pants. Don’t try to spin, lie, revise history, or blow smoke up everyone’s butt. If you’re convinced everyone else is wrong and you’re right, then freaking OWN IT. Say it out loud and mean it… “This is what I think and the rest of you can suck it.”

Just freaking say it. At least I could respect that.

And I promise to do the same. Right here. I speak my mind here and I always have. I’ve never censored or deleted anything I’ve written, even if years later I realize I was wrong. This is a place where you see a snapshot in time of what I believe and think. I always allow response to what I say, and I own what I say. No backtracking. No apologizing. For example, the world is a better place without George Tiller. Period. I said it right here, I believe it, and I own that opinion. I’m not going to go back and delete that post and say I never believed that. Because that’s revisionist history. Even if someday I change my mind about it, I’ll never delete those posts. Ever.

Own your words. Own your actions. That’s the definition of character.

  2 comments for “Own Your Words & Actions

  1. D..
    October 5, 2011 at 9:09 am

    I feel the same way Incredipete. If you are going to be something or some way.. BE.. it.. If you are going to be a health freak and not eat anything with aspertame because it might give you cancer, don’t then go tan in a tanning bed… If you are going to be a vegetarian because you don’t believe in killing animals, then don’t wear leather tennis shoes. Be balls to the wall true. And if you keep loosing relationships, over and over, stop and think that YOU are the common denominator and do some self evaluation.

  2. Megs
    October 5, 2011 at 11:55 am

    In other words – don’t be a pussy. People annoy the hell out of me for this very reason. We’re a society of “too soft”. We can’t hear harsh words or think harsh thoughts. Our kids get trophies for participating rather than being told they suck. We can’t spank, we can’t raise our voices, we can’t be honest – all because it might hurt someones feelings. The point is, if you’re going to think it or say it, then just do it and don’t back down because someone’s feelings got hurt. It’s not horribly often that I completely agree with you…. Well done.

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