Our Wedding & Honeymoon

Today I took Nicole’s hand in mine on Cocoa Beach in Florida, we stepped to the alter together and said vows of forever. We wrote our vows (and or borrowed things and pieced together) and we also wrote vows to Amber. The day started out just right… not hot, not cold. The sun started peaking over the horizon right as Nicole and Amber walked over the hill onto the beach.

I had gotten to the beach early with the reverend to set up the alter and put down a flower path and a giant flower heart on the beach where we stood. Our parents, Nicole’s grandma, and Amber were there as witnesses. It was very intimate as both of us wanted. Our vows were very personal and the small audience was just perfect.

Nicole looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress and bare feet, and Amber was ridiculously cute. Amber picked a dress that looked almost identical to her momma, and they both had the same bouquet arrangement.

Nicole and I said our vows to each other, exchanged rings, then we turned to Amber and both said vows to her. We gave Amber a ring from both of us as a promise to be her family forever. After the vows, we did a sand unity ceremony with the three of us.

Finally, the reverend said those words “what God has joined, let no man seperate. I am proud to announce Mr. and Mrs. Incredipeter Lucas.” And we kissed. For what felt like a second or two, but which upon review of the video turned out to be more like 5 minutes. Sorry parents…. We did photos and we played in the ocean in our wedding clothes.

After the wedding was done, we went to brunch with the entire group, and then to the beach for some swimming and sunburning (hi Nicole).

I have no doubt that today is the beginning of what my life was always meant to be.