Our President is a Wuss

You know when the President of France starts calling your President a wuss that something has gone terribly wrong at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The problem is, he’s right.

Obama’s world tour has been speech after speech of him apologizing for America. He feels that we owe the world a big apology. Umm. He thinks we owe the world a big apology.

Am I the only person that is ticked off by this?

His laughable interaction with Chavez was a prime example. He’s so clueless that the world is having a laugh at his expense, he didn’t even notice that the book Chavez gave him as a gift was an anti-American book. He just shook his hand, accepted the gift, and looked like a giant moron.

I realize fully that compared with George Bush, Obama is a genius. However, his personal philosophy of thinking America sucks makes him act like a colossal boob when he’s representing us throughout the world.

Unlike Obama and Michelle, I’ve always been proud of America. I’m proud that after we’ve defeated our enemies throughout our history, we’ve then helped them rebuild and made them our friends – look at Japan, Germany, and well… for a long time Russia.

We helped our sworn enemies rebuild their countries after THEY were the initial aggressors. That was before we became a nation of bed-wetting liberal sissies.

We used to understand that you can only help people if you yourself are strong. We were able to succeed where others failed because we had personal freedom as our foundation. We knew that we could defend ourselves and our allies fiercely and still dust them off and feed them after we beat them.

Now, Obama has decided we should apologize for being tough with our enemies and cut straight to the feeding them. America, even before Obama, gave more than double in charity than the next closest country.

I wasn’t ashamed to be an American. Even when other countries – and our own media – mocked our President for 8 years. At least George W. Bush had a backbone. Obama flutters whichever way the wind is blowing.

I don’t know how catering to dictators and international loons helps America be better or stronger. Just makes us the butt of a new joke.

  2 comments for “Our President is a Wuss

  1. BJD
    April 21, 2009 at 10:37 pm

    Right on. Big difference between being gracious or cool and weak.

  2. livieloo
    April 22, 2009 at 8:07 am

    Obama acts (and looks) like a pansy. He’s making our country the bulls-eye of an easy target.

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