One Sick Puppy

Hello there, folks! Incredipete & Abby have successfully managed to make it through the first full day without major (for instance, homicide) incidents. Last night I fed her roughly 30 pounds of Beggin Strips® which promptly turned her insides to mush. This morning I had two piles waiting for me on my beautiful carpet. One was fairly solid, and the other was runny and soaking into the carpet. Fortunately, I had a little foresight, and bought Resolve Runny Dog Poo Formula® and it came out without too much of a struggle.

I intend to crate train the girl, but I haven’t had time yet to go get her one. She will probably be a proud new kennel owner tomorrow sometime, but until then, she is stuck with free roam of the basement. Today while I was at work, I didn’t want her having such a large area to redecorate, so I put her in my hallway bathroom. I even put down paper on the ground, provided by Jennyanydots® yesterday when she brought over the Microkennel®.

I pretty much expected to find my shower curtain ripped down and shredded, and poo smeared on the walls. But the girl surprised me with her dainty behavior. Nothing was torn down or shredded, except perhaps her Nylabone® (beef flavor). She wet on the paper, and was kind enough to keep her poo restricted to the corner of the bathroom on the linoleum, which made for easy cleanup.

After work today, we made our first trip to the vet around the corner. I had the unpleasant task of “collecting a stool sample” which actually means, pick up poop and put it in a container designed to collect gnat poop. This meant I ended up with poopy hands, and that smell is so hard to kill. Anyway, Abby, as suspected, is quite the sickly little girl. She has Coccidioses, Kennel Cough,
an Ear Infection, and an infected incision from her spaying. She was not given much care until the past week or two, so I suppose it will take some time to get her to 100%.

Tonight I had several events planned simultaneously, which of course is very difficult when limited to the time-space continuum, so I didn’t make it to all of them. I did make it to a Chiefs party (yes, they played their first preseason game today, and got spanked by NY…) at Leigh’s house. She and our friend Lisa are coming over tomorrow to meet dearest Abby and further spoil her. It should be fun. I actually have quite a few people that have informed me that they are coming over to meet her over the weekend.

The part about Abby being a chick magnet is very true, much to my shock and amazement. Every female I have passed by while dragging Abby behind on the leash has stopped me to love on her. Granted, they don’t want to talk to me, only the puppy, but at least they are stopping, which is progress. Not that I’m looking mind you. But I think having a pet will give me something fun and social to do in my free time. Besides, she gives me lots of attention, which is good for my self esteem.

I made the mistake of taking a Benadryl at Leigh’s because of my intense allergy to her cat, and it is now interacting with all of the other things in my system and causing extreme, coma-like drowsiness. I must go to bed before my head slams down on my laptop and breaks it. Thanks for dropping in… I plan to post some more Abby pictures over the weekend. Till then…


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