Off to the Lake

Today I’m leaving for Table Rock Lake in the Missouri Ozarks. It’s just outside of Branson (the white-trash Las Vegas of the Midwest), but fortunately avoids most of the awful things about Branson. Imagine combining the cheese of Las Vegas, the style of Appalachia, and the traffic of Manhattan… throw in some extra humidity and toothless fat families… that’s Branson.

Table Rock Lake is a much more relaxed and pretty area than Branson. Lake of the Ozarks has become a big drunken party, and I hate Branson. However, that area is the only place within driving distance of KC that actually has water.

It’s actually my 6th or 8th time going to Table Rock Lake. It’s the lake I nearly drowned in about 6 years ago. Don’t worry… I’m on a strict “life jacket at all times” policy now. Even in the hotel room.

Since I will be out of town the next 8 days, I have labored away, crafting masterful posts which will automatically post each day that I’m gone. There will be no interruption of IncrediIncredipete just because I’m staying somewhere that doesn’t yet have modern conveniences. I’ve even interspersed a couple of guest entries for your perusal.

So, enjoy the automatic posts, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!