Obama’s Waterloo

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that Obamacare won’t make it through the Senate.

The House bill looks like it was written by Karl Marx, and the Senate version is much worse. Now even some Democrats are jumping ship, possibly out of principle, but more likely out of political expediency. The last person to attempt this type of “reform” was Clinton, but he was smart enough to let his wife tackle it… he knew it was a hot potato and he didn’t want to burn his political capital on it.

Obama, on the other hand, assumed he had the sauce to get it done (just by his good looks and charm, apparently).

In order to get 60 votes, the Democrats need ALL of the Democrats to vote for the bill, as well as a couple of the fake Republicans like Olympia Snowe. The more moderate and conservative Democrats don’t like what’s being tinkered with in the bill, including Medicare and abortion funding.

The Republicans are unanimously (except possibly for Snowe) opposed to the bill, because it is blatantly communistic. Just what we need… a chicken in every pot.

Obama has once again overestimated himself. This bill requires far too much political compromise to ever make any of the constituencies happy, and if you’re gonna tick off EVERYONE, you’d be best just leaving it alone.

All of Obama’s capital is getting burned on this topic, and his approval numbers are plummeting in the process. He has lower numbers at this point in his presidency than Jimmy Carter or George Bush had… (either of them).

Obama and the Democommunists had better be careful what they do here. If they manage to pass some form of healthcare reform, it will be 100% their doing, and therefore 100% of the consequences will belong to them.