Obama on the “Campaign”

Obama is doing the one thing he’s good at… he’s campaigning again.

Not for election, but for healthcare reform. And by reform we mean government-run healthcare which will be “more efficient” than the private sector. (insert LMAO here)

I wish Obama could do something other than bloviate. Apparently substance is not something he or his people are big on… just style.

Well, style isn’t going to get the job done.

He can’t even get his own party to agree, and only 23% of Americans want a public option. That’s not boding well for his plans.

If Obama keeps sticking all of his eggs in this basket, he may end up crashing and burning like Hillary did in the 90’s.

The Republicans aren’t torching his plans – regular Americans of every political affiliation are up in arms because none of us want the government in our business.