Nothing In Particular

And I always thought people were dumb for wandering around in their back yard, picking up dog poo. I realized today that there is not actually enough space for both of my feet to be on the ground at once without stepping in a pile, so I guess this afternoon I’ll have to bite the bullet.

That is, after I finish my appointment at the college. Today is my official MBA advising session. I will be deciding my course plan, and getting everything approved and signed off on. Then I can enroll and begin torturing myself with homework once again.

I’ve been pretty out of pocket the past several days, with meetings and such. This week is another busy one, with a business trip to beautiful Alabama from Wednesday through Friday. I’m not actually sure what I’m supposed to do there, so it will be an exciting week. My favorite part of going to Montgomery is the second leg of the flight, where the plane is so small, they make you stick your arms out the windows and flap.

I have a huge infestation of box elder beetles around my front door. They are crawling up the door, all around the front entry way. I sprayed them with Raid, many of them I practically drowned, and they just looked at me and flipped me the bird. I don’t know what to do about them. I’m considering renting a flamethrower. However, they’d probably be ok, and my house would burn down. Dang bugs.

The Chiefs once again managed to screw the pooch. We traded away our probowl kicker, Morten Anderson, and replaced him with a kid named Tynes, who completely choked and missed not only a 42 yard feild goal, but a point after, too. We haven’t missed a point after since we had the infamous Lin Elliot, who missed 2 point afters and 3 field goals, losing the playoff game for us. The joke at the time was that he was so depressed, he tried to hang himself, but he couldn’t kick the chair out from under himself. Well, now we have Lin Elliot reincarnated. The kid couldn’t handle the pressure. That’s just what we need. Maybe next year.

Did you know that in most of Kansas, it’s illegal to sell liquor on Sunday? Did you further know that if you go to Missouri, buy liquor, and drive back to Kansas they will fine you for “bootlegging.” I’m not making this up! The reason I bring it up is that it’s on the ballot, and I think we’re finally going to have Sunday sales. Of course, smart people would go to the store and buy their beer on Saturday, and then it really didn’t matter, but I’m just saying. It’s the principle of the matter. Vote “yes” to proposition 3.
My doctor gave me a prescription, I swear I’m not making this up, that costs 378$ per month. That’s MY cost. Holy freaking crap, batman. I told the doctor I’d rather die.

More later.