No Socal Girls in KC

As a photographer, living in Kansas City has its disadvantages. The main one is the lack of modeling talent.

I can get all the support staff I need… grips, makeup artists, hair stylists, set designers… even body painters. The only trouble is that 90% of the “models” here are butter-faces. It makes it very difficult to build up an impressive portfolio, which is critical for marketing the business.

Yes, there is a lot I can fix in Photoshop, but as a wise man once told me… “you can’t put in what God left out.”

I’m constantly flooded with model portfolio requests, and the girls show up looking… well, either old, butter-faced, busted, oddly proportioned, or just downright ugly. Granted, they’re paying customers, so I try to make them look good, but you can only do so much.

I’m not sure how to overcome this problem short of literally scouting my own talent… finding girls who don’t know they’re models yet. 🙂

We shall see.