Never Lease A Lemon

So I had to take my stinking Dodge Dakota in to the dealership today with the “Malfeasance Indicator Light” angrily glowing. My hopes for a faulty error light were quickly dashed, as they found a fuel leak. 200$… Ok, I was lucky… till they called the second time. “Incredipete, we found another leak… 600$.” Ok… well it could be worse, I suppose…. RING RING. “Hello?” “Hello, this is the dealership… we found a third leak… 900$.” Dang it! I’m gonna stop answering my phone.

The bad thing is, I only have this leased vehicle for another 2 months, but I can’t turn it in broken, because the bank will just turn around and charge me anyway. My deductible is 1000$, so it’s totally not worth crashing the truck off a cliff. I thought about burning my house down with the car in the garage, because my homeowner’s deductible is only 500$, but I worry about being put in jail for fraud. So, I guess I’ll just do what I always do… get screwed by the dealership.

On the plus side, “Chico” (I’m not making that up) from the body shop is going to take a look at the asphalt chunks under my wheel wells, that I got when some idiotic highway workers failed to put up barrels to warn of the soggy asphalt and fresh tar. Usually, putting up barrels is the only thing they are good at, so it was a bit of a shock. Anyway, Chico said that he could probably clean it off with diesel, and if that didn’t work, he could just replace the entire body of the truck. I figure either way, he’s gonna charge me about 12,000$, so it’s moot.

My next car will inevitably be another Dodge, because they make it totally inconvenient to switch brands, and they charge you tons of end-of-lease charges if you try to buy a car from a good (“foreign”) manufacturer. So once again, I will be in the Chrysler Dodge hell, and won’t have any choice but to continue getting screwed… at least it will be by the same people.

Ok, I’m done venting… anyone got anything to add?