Nerding Out

Well, this post is a bit of a cop out because I’m busily installing new plugins for Photoshop.

I got Phototools 2.0 Pro, and I must say it’s capabilities will make my work enhancing photos take about 10% of the time it used to.

I also got JCQSloppy borders, which applies polaroid and grunge borders to images, including borders you create on your own.

I have slowly been going to the dark side, using CS4 instead of CS3. I don’t really like how the brushes work in CS4, so I’ve been slow to move over.

However, I discovered the power of smart object layers, and now I’m forcing myself. If I really want to do heavy retouching, I can always open it up in CS3 just for that, but most things I’ll do in CS4 now.

Of course, I’m also using Nikon Capture NX to process my RAW files, and that really makes the entire process easier. Now that my camera is profiled in Capture, it’s pretty straightfoward to get the basics right.

And now, back to playing!