Native Americans Still Whining

Sure, they’re not whining the way Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do, but geez…. We kicked the native Americans butts like 300 years ago. Can we all just accept that it’s over and done with?

I mean, that’s twice as long ago as slavery was ended. It doesn’t give me much hope for the end of racial tensions….

Since the beginning of time, one group has whooped other groups and taken their land. For all we know, the “Native Americans” conquered and killed that “Original Native Americans” 1,000 years ago and just didn’t bother to tell us about it.

Obama has promised not to “forget” the Native Americans “as long as he’s in office.”

After he finishes his term, he plans to erase them from memory, but until then… it’s all good.

I’m so sick of groups “clinging” to their so-called heritage that they NEVER ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED! Geez louis!

“African-Americans” that live in America now have never BEEN in Africa, They didn’t get brought over in slave ships. They weren’t slaves. Their parents weren’t slaves. “Native Americans” that live in America now never lived in teepees or hunted bison. They might have been born on a reservation, but that’s only because FOR 300 FRIGGIN YEARS, THEIR FAMILIES HAVE REFUSED TO INTEGRATE INTO AMERICAN SOCIETY.

Why they heck should we as AMERICANS (not talking black, white, etc… just AMERICANS) accept that kind of disrespect for OUR culture and country. America may not be perfect, but it’s a pretty doggone nice place compared to a lot of other countries.

Africa certainly isn’t so great. How many African Americans would willingly go live in Africa if given the choice? Zero point zero zero. That’s because the “idea” of Africa is a lot more awesome than the reality of living in a starving, war-torn tribal mess with corrupt military leadership.

If the Native Americans were so awesome, how come they were still living in teepees and wandering around aimlessly? They had “America” for thousands of years, and that’s the best they could do?

To the victor goes the spoils. That’s what I say.