My 2013 Resolutions

As is my tradition, I am setting some new year’s resolutions for 2013. First let’s look at 2012 and see how it went. Here are 2012’s:

1. I will not let past failures change me into anything that I’m not. Well, I didn’t become jaded or cynical, and I didn’t stop being generous. I think that’s what I meant by that resolution. However, I have found (or Nicole has observed) that I do still have some bitterness towards a couple of people who exited my life last year. So maybe there’s still room for improvement.

2. I will only spend time with people who are kind, caring, and compassionate. I did a pretty darn good job of this in 2012. For the first time in my life. I definitely found it to be difficult, because it turned out I’d really managed to surround myself with selfish, mean people. In 2012 I also started to realize why I kept doing that, via listening to a very wise wife of mine as well as some (about a billion dollar’s worth) professional counseling.

3. I will fall for someone amazing. Absolutely did this one. Fell in love with my soulmate and haven’t looked back since. Nicole is beyond anything I could have imagined, and although neither of us are perfect, and we don’t agree on everything that comes up, we are 100% committed to each other, supportive of each other, and in love. I love her more each day.

4. I will trust like I’ve never been burned, but I’ll also listen to my friends’ sound advice (and not their stupid advice). It seems I may have a few trust issues. But I will say I’m working on it and I’m at least trusting a VERY small circle of friends. My wife has been that “soft place to fall” that my friend Christen told me I needed. Knowing that events and arguments aren’t going to change anything make it much easier to open up.

5. I will pay off every credit card and loan I have. In 2012. No excuses. Nailed it.

6. I will invest myself in people who appreciate it, and only them. Did a pretty good job of this, too. Mostly because I had a a partner willing to tell me who was investable and who wasn’t.

7. I will use my CPAP 95% of the time or more. That gives me a little leeway for when I fall asleep on the couch. Totally failed at this. Two things. First, it makes cuddling way harder. Second, it makes my sinuses hurt. I really need to do better though – my brain doesn’t work right.

8. I will keep my house clean. Did good on this, too. Of course, it’s been three different houses since I made this resolution, but it still worked out.

9. I will start cooking regularly again. Did a decent job at this. The past month has been rough, but in general we ate in more than we ate out.

10. I will not drink Bud Light with my medication. Turns out that doesn’t go well. Nailed it. My solution was to not drink any booze.

NOW, on to 2013. Here they are:

1. I will be confident in myself and not let mean people steal my confidence.

2. I will drink more water and less Pepsi.

3. I will live in the moment.

4. I will go on at least two dinner dates with my wife each month.

5. I will stop over-analyzing everything.

6. I will pay off the ex’s stupid Jeep if it kills me.

7. I will be a good dad for Amber and any other kids who happen to join our family.

8. I will have a pretty yard come spring.

9. I will not poke a stick at the people who wrong me. I will, however, grab a baseball bat if anyone messes with Nicole or Lu.

10. I will have less resolutions next year.