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We’re in the middle of a deep recession. still charges companies $400.00 for a basic, one-city job posting that stays up for 60 days.

As a Webmaster, it makes me cringe. The incremental cost of an additional job posting to their database is about half a cent. If they aren’t clearing at least $375, they’re grossly mismanaging their business.

In this economy, I’m disgusted that I’m still forced to use their stupid website. Sadly, the “more experienced” (by which I mean “old”) people looking for jobs are too stupid to check local job sites or Craigslist, all of which are free. No, they only look at Monster.

Monster has the corner on the market for experienced professionals and that’s why they can continue to bend over businesses.

Come on, old people, look at Craigslist job postings. Please. Pretty please.

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  1. November 23, 2009 at 11:27 am

    In defense of some of us “old” people, I can tell you that Craigslist is not a good job posting resource in big cities like Houston. Unless you are looking to be an outcall hooker.

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