March Madness

In honor of finishing up the ISO audit this week, I took today off work. I’m enjoying the first round of NCAA hoping that KU and MU can advance. I would love to see KU and MU in the Final Four, although I realize that’s a pipe dream.

It’s amazing how much hatred there is between KU and MU fans. We’re basically from the same place. But the rivalry is bitter for some reason.

All of my siblings went to KU. My dad, mom and I went to Missouri (dad to Rolla, mom and I in KC). I for one cheer for both of them. KU has the better history and tradition, so it’s easy to get behind them. However, their rabid fans cannot find it in their hearts to support MU. They have zero respect for them. That’s the downside to the years of tradition.

I’m happy to say that I am a bigger person than many of the fans on either side. I support them because they’re both local teams.

It’s lonely being the bigger person.