Love Defeats Hate

Many news outlets are reporting that Fred Phelps, leader of the hate group WBC, is near death.

The response to this news has been a whole lot of people saying – “let’s not respond to this man’s death they way he lived his life. Let’s be better than that.”

This is a man who spoke for, essentially no one. His followers were always his own family, brainwashed and bullied into going along. There were no converts into his “church.” Christians, atheists, and homosexuals all agreed that he did not represent anyone’s beliefs.

Fred Phelps should not be hated, condemned by us, or have his funeral picketed. In a way, that would be him winning – getting the last laugh. I couldn’t help but think of the final scene of the movie Seven. If you’ve seen it, you know what I mean.

Fred Phelps should be laid to rest without fanfare, without acknowledgement, without press. He should be forgotten. Dust.

His legacy will die as well. His brainwashed, hate-filled family will lose any little bit of relevance they ever had. Undoubtedly his church building will eventually be a museum dedicated to equality and love. I am just positive of this fact.

As Americans that value our freedom above all else, and defend our right to say, do, and think whatever we want to – let’s hear the news of his death through that perspective – he lived to a ripe old age spewing hatred every day, and no one killed him, no one silenced him.

America might have its loose screws, but there is more good than bad, more love than hate.

God loves Fred Phelps, and he loves you, too.