Let’s Jack Bauer Them

A lot has been made of our “torture” of enemy combatants (terrorists). Obama thinks they deserve due process under our American legal system.

However, terrorists aren’t even protected under the Geneva Convention. In order to be a “prisoner of war” you have to first be part of a national military and have to identify yourself as such.

Why would we grant due process to terrorists? Why shouldn’t we torture them? They want to play unfair, let’s do it their way. It’s not as though they have a geographical location we can bomb. If we can’t take it to them, how can we ever win?

Some will say that we are “stooping” to their level, and that since we’re more civilized, we should give them the same considerations we give American citizens.

I call BS.

You can’t fight a guerrilla army by traditional methods. You can’t get information through normal interrogation from a prisoner that is HOPING to die at your hands. That’s what we seem to fail to understand about our enemy. They want us to kill them. They want to be martyrs.

I don’t think we should summarily execute enemy combatants, but I definitely think we should find out what they know. If that means causing them some discomfort, I’m all for it. Let’s not forget that the “torture” methods we were using included keeping them awake, playing loud music, etc. It’s not as if we were pulling their fingernails off or electrocuting them.

Obama’s plan is to sit around the campfire and sing songs with them. He’s going to shut down our CIA-run terrorist prisons and do what with them? Send them to Leavenworth? Hmmm. That’s right in my backyard. I don’t want them here. That’s great – let’s give terrorists incentive to target specific places in the US. Brilliant.

They want to throw out all of the rules of engagement. If we want to win, we don’t have a choice but to do the same.

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  1. livieloo
    April 5, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    I completely agree.

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