Last Televised Chiefs Game EVER?

The Chiefs may have jumped the shark with their embarrassing loss at home to Buffalo today.

Matt Cassel looked like the quarterback equivalent to Lin Elliot, our infamous kicker who lost our last playoff game for us because he “didn’t want to slip and fall.”

Cassel added insult to injury by stating that he had ZERO mental mistakes during the game (during which he threw 4 interceptions).

Our 63 Million dollar man looks like a bust. Awesome.

Losing to the Bills means we will likely have a blackout for Cleveland next week. In fact, I’d call it inevitable. People simply aren’t going to pay good money to sit outside and freeze to watch two of the worst teams in the NFL.

The problem with blackouts is that they breed blackouts. People start to remember all of the other things they can do with their afternoon, or worse yet… they watch other, BETTER football teams play and choose a new allegiance. Blackouts are the beginning of the end for an NFL fanbase.

This would be our first blackout since 1990. That’s a pretty good run, and the fans have stuck with the team in spite of their 9 and 36 record the past 3 years.

I think we’re just growing weary of bad football and lame excuses. All the while, Clark Hunt continues to raise prices on everything.

I really miss Lamar Hunt. Inherited wealth always breeds morons. I’m looking at you, Clark.