Today started out with a chance encounter with a grade A douchebag. He recognized me and made a comment to me with the intention of ticking me off. I’m sad to admit that it worked. It’s hard not to let someone like that get under your skin, especially when they know right where to hit you. If men really don’t like each other – they know JUST what to say to make the other guy go nuts. About an hour afterward, I realized I was still upset about it. I gave him that power, though. He is the one that has to live with his Karma, not me.

I am a Christian, and I also believe in Karma. You can’t live a life where you take advantage of people or mistreat people, or are violent, without the universe giving you a stiff kick in the pants. Some of it is natural consequences… for example flipping someone off in traffic and having them get out of their car and beat you up. You were kind of asking for it. Some are more long-term, cosmic consequences. Like dying alone and bitter. To me, that’s the fate that a lot of people bring on themselves by being cruel, selfish, and evil.

Galations 6 says that whatever you sow, you will reap. Job 4 says those who plow iniquity and sow trouble will reap the same. Proverbs 26 says that whoever rolls a stone [to harm someone] it will roll back on him. Matthew 26 those who live by the sword die by the sword.

That all sounds a lot like Karma to me.

I’m not a better person than anyone else. Just because I didn’t punch him doesn’t mean I didn’t want to, or that I didn’t fantasize about it. I’ve been hoping for a chance to punch him for months. I simply have far too much going for me to mess it all up on someone who is totally unimportant to my life.

There’s a common saying “Karma’s a bitch” that gets thrown around. But it’s only a bitch if you are sowing bad stuff. If you’re sowing good stuff, Karma’s your best friend.