It’s the “Illegal” Part…

Why don’t we just have the INS and the military GO to these fricking rallies and deport every last one of these ILLEGALS?

There is not one intelligent AMERICAN who thinks illegal immigration should be overlooked, nor should it be made legal, nor should we tolerate it in any way.

There is not one intelligent AMERICAN who thinks that LEGAL immigrants are the problem. I think we should WELCOME people who want to immigrate legally, in fact we should probably allow MORE people to immigrate legally than we currently do.

What we should NOT do is let people, who by their very BEING HERE, are breaking our country’s laws.. proving that they do not respect our country in the first place.

I don’t care if strawberries cost 100$ a pound. Life will go on. I want law-breaking NON-AMERICANS out of the country FOR GOOD.

This is not a race issue. There are plenty of LEGAL Mexican immigrants. More power to them. I’m happy they’re here.

This is about respect for the law. They spit on our country by marching in the streets with the Mexican flag. A flag for a country so inadequate and corrupt that it DRIVES people en masse to run across the border. Why, if their country is so terrible that they want to break our laws to come here, would they even CONSIDER waving a Mexican flag?

Inmigrantes ilegales: ¡Consiga el infierno de nuestro país!

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  1. dave
    May 2, 2007 at 10:17 am

    Doesn’t that mean “obtain the hell of our country” ? I translated online…

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