It’s Better to Be Like Incredipete

First, I’d like to say to all of you that witnessed the awesome catfight on my comments today, thanks for joining us. We’re here every day, and with any luck, we will upgrade to a webcast of the mudwrestling grudge match as soon as possible. But seriously folks, I have to admit it was one of the most entertaining threads I’ve ever seen. I was accused by several of not stepping in soon enough to stop the fight, but frankly, I was enjoying the attention.

In other news, today I realized that I hate everyone on earth, except the people that read this site. Lucky you. Now I won’t have to destroy you when my evil scheme goes into full force. I know who you are… I am tracking your IP address and logging your activity. I will spare only those that leave their mark on my hitcounter. Bless you, oh chosen people.

No extra charge, the top 10 reasons it’s better to be like Incredipete:

1. Never buy shampoo again.

2. Pizza rolls are a meal, not a snack!

3. No need to exercise when you have Photoshop skills.

4. No undue financial pressure when girls won’t date you.

5. Inside scoop on what girls are thinking, because they don’t mind sharing with a guy that’s “one of the girls.”

6. When I go on a drinking binge, it’s cheap, because it only involves Mountain Dew.

7. Although a staunch conservative, I am surprisingly liberal in matters of love, economics, and McDonalds.

8. I have a piano, and I know how to use it.

9. Thanks to the miracles of modern science, I am always happy.

10. Ok, so there are only 9 reasons. Bite me.

Tonight I’m supposed to be building a database to input survey data, so that this client will be happy and send lots of money, but instead I’m reading Diaryland. This entry sucks because I didn’t take the time to think of a good topic first, and I’m pulling stuff out of my “notebook” as it were. Tomorrow I’ll think of a good topic… I know: how about the war in Iraq. That’ll be good. See you then.