Idiot of the Week

As you all know, I run a web hosting business. Back in 2008, a guy came to me and wanted online space to store his podcasts. I provided the space to him. Last night my server sent out an invoice for $47.00 that was to cover July of this year through July of 2011.

So I get this email first thing this morning:

“Huh? Not sure who you are, but I’m not paying any invoice. Don’t recall agreeing to any services. And, can’t find a phone number anywhere on your email so that I can contact you.”

Never mind that there’s a link to the website which has several methods to contact me, or the fact that since October, he’s been getting emailed regularly with news and updates from the company. If you’re an IHS customer, you know what I’m talking about.

So I replied with this:

“This is the invoice for your website hosting. You have been hosted with me for a couple of years now….”

Reasonable, to the point, right?

Here’s how he responded:

“Delete all the files immediately. My understanding was this was an ad hoc place to store some files and was done on a gratis basis. No “website” exists. I never agreed to anything, and the files were never used. I assume you have some means to determine file usage or file access. To my knowledge, the files have never been accessed, other than to load them initially.

Delete whatever files you have out there. I have no agreement with you and will not be paying any invoice.

What a way to do business…”

So first I LOL’d. Then I constructed a poignant reply, which follows:

“You requested our services. We provided those services.

I will happily delete the account and the invoice, but I really think that the intense anger and “shock” is uncalled for. Since you are in our system, you have been getting automatic email updates on how we modified all of our accounts to standardize, etc. since last October. If you had read any of those, you would understand why an invoice was automatically generated for you for future services.

It’s not as though we took ANY money from you. We invoiced you for future service (see the actual email below) from 07/22/2010 – 07/21/2011. If you don’t want those future services, you have every right to terminate your account with us per our Terms of Use (

Before you get indignant, please know what you’re talking about.

Consider your account and your invoice deleted.”

Gotta love working with the general public.

  2 comments for “Idiot of the Week

  1. Livieloo
    June 23, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    I never cease to be amazed by the general public’s stupidity.

  2. Dusty
    July 11, 2010 at 7:40 pm

    Yeah. I feel…partly responsible for that one. Well, at least you’re done with him.

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