Holiday Update

This has been quite the long weekend. I didn’t have any dates or anything. I realize that’s not too much of a surprise to anyone.

I did however have a full and complete holiday weekend.

Here’s the rundown.

Wednesday: Was supposed to wait for Fedex delivery at home and then go to work. Instead, while waiting for Fedex, got a call that the office power was out due to the record snowstorm we had Tuesday night. I don’t know if any of you have ever experienced thunder snow, but it’s a trip. We had 8 inches of extremely wet, heavy snow, and of course all the trees still had leaves, so there was extensive damage. So, I got to telecommute. Fedex finally arrived 4 hours late, at 2. They were delivering my brand new beautiful laptop.

It’s 17″ widescreen was bigger than I had envisioned, and if my site starts to get too wide to fit on your screens, that’s why.

Anyhoo, on Thursday the family got together at my grandparents house. My uncle Bill (from my first entry) was there, and goofy as ever. I learned lots about dogs from him. For instance, if a dog eats a pound of hershey kisses, it will crap silver. You just never know what kind of info he will share.

Friday I did some shopping, including the purchase of my new gun. (see yesterday’s entry) Don’t worry, Abby hasn’t figured out how to fire it. Yet. The night was finished out by having my little sister’s birthday dinner at the Indian restaurant. Now, I don’t want to be critical of other cultures. Wait, yes I do. Indian food sucks. And I don’t even want to discuss their “ammonia ice cream.” WTF is that?
Saturday, I met “Gracey” for breakfast and turned over my old laptop. It needs a little work since I dumped my Coke into the keyboard, but Gracey loves a challenge, especially if it results in a free laptop.

And of course today was Chiefs sunday. I went with “Lynne” and her husband, and we had a lot of fun shivering in the stands. Unfortunately the Chiefs managed to screw it all up in the 4th quarter, per usual. “Lynne’s” husband had to drive because I’d had too much hot chocolate. (roughly 5.5 gallons, or $4,360 worth)

Oh, I forgot to mention I put up my very first Christmas tree in the new hizzouse. It’s beautiful, and of course, the ornaments are spaced under exacting tolerances. I put them up using a micrometer to insure perfection.

Now, it’s Sunday night and I’m sitting on the couch with the laptop and both of the pups. They’re sleeping because I’m boring when I’m on the computer.

But boring or not, I’m still dead sexy.

Speaking of dead sexy, the most interesting stat I’ve collected so far from the questionaire (please take it if you haven’t) is that 84% of the female respondents said that they have “slept with me.” I found that very interesting, since I’m pretty sure I haven’t gotten around quite that much. I think I’d remember it.