Healthcare, Canadian Style

Obama knows he has to push through his insane healthcare plan between now and 2010. People are already starting to wake up to his form of pure spending insanity and realizing his agenda (which he promised all along) is for real. I expect the Democrats to give up a lot of seats in Congress in 2010.

Obama’s healthcare plan, besides being communism, is going to cost a trillion dollars that we don’t have. Keep in mind this is the government we’re talking about, so if they say it will cost a trillion, it will cost at least 5 trillion. A trillion dollars is 15% of our GDP. That’s a pretty big chunk to spend all in one place, especially when you’re talking about taking something out of the private sector (where people have to comIncredipete) and putting it into the government’s control (who notoriously wastes money and does things inefficiently).

A trillion dollars. Let’s assume just for grins that it actually only costs a trillion dollars. Where are we going to come up with an extra trillion bucks? We certainly don’t have it right now.

There are three ways we can get this money.

1. We can tax the bejeezus out of somebody. That’s bad because it kills small businesses and increases unemployment.

2. We can print up the money. That’s bad, because it leads to hyperinflation. Anybody want a 3 billion dollar Big Mac?

3. We can borrow the money from some despotic nation. That’s bad, because it increases interest rates and it means that China owns more of America than America does.

Washington is out of control. To be fair, they’ve been out of control for a long time, under both parties.

If we don’t reign it in soon, there won’t be a country left. Russia used to be a superpower. Look what happened to them when the government tried to do everything… not pretty.

Canadians have to come to America to get health care. They have to wait months for a simple procedure. The government there rations out health care, so if you aren’t expected to live… sorry!

I don’t think we’re ready to try that. Canada is currently in the process of re-privatizing healthcare, because guess what…. socializing it was huge failure.

I’m so glad we can learn from other people’s mistakes.