Haley Not Looking Like Lombardi

Todd Haley had great success at Arizona as the offensive coordinator.

However, his game-day decisions as head coach of the Chiefs have been questionable.

He has been going for it on 4th a LOT. That’s fine, it shows guts. However, other times he doesn’t go for it when it’s an obvious “go for it” situation.

1 minute left in the first half, he’s got a 4th and one on the 20. He calls TIME OUT… something you would only do to set up the touchdown play. Then he sends out the field goal unit?! Then we miss the kick. Then the Chargers have enough time to go down and get their own field goal. Why do you call that time out if you’re going to kick it?!

I think he’s too busy calling plays to pay attention to the big picture. He probably needs to hire a new coordinator…

He DEFINITELY needs a new running back… one who isn’t a woman-beating loser whiny baby. Larry Johnson. What a sissy.

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