Favre for MVP

Week 11 in the NFL, it’s time for MVP watch. It’s the hot topic on all of the sports radio and TV programs.

I’ve always been an avid Brett Favre fan. I used to think I was a Green Bay fan, but then last year I was a Jets fan and this year I’m a Vikings fan… which tells me that I’m actually just a Favre fan.

He is genuinely happy and excited to be on the field, like a 20 year old. This year he has more passes, less interceptions, and higher quarterback rating (with a nearly 130 rating on passes of 21 yards or more through the air) than anyone. He is dominating the stats, and the Vikings look destined for a Superbowl appearance (we can only hope).

The people who were down on him for coming back… I hope you’re watching. This guy is far from washed up.

League MVP. Possibly Superbowl MVP. I think he is destined for greatness.