The original Hebrew text actually used the word for trustworthiness. Basically we’re talking about being steadfast, dependable, reliable, etc.

Doing what you say and saying what you do is sometimes a hard thing to do. I am personally prone to over-commitment, which often means I REALLY don’t want to do something I’ve told people I’d do. The right thing to do is to do what you said you would. It’s really not that hard.

Do you say you’ll do things and then flake? That’s not how a Christian should behave. Unless of course you committed to helping your buddy rob a bank, in which case backing out is probably still the moral high ground. You know what I mean, so stop trying to think of exceptions.

When you make a commitment to a cause, organization, or person, you are morally bound to follow through. God doesn’t really make exceptions on this.

If you tell your friend “I will be there at 7 AM to help you move” and you get there at 10 AM or not at all, you’re not faithful. It really isn’t that hard to follow this particular item, because all you have to do is NOT commit to things you know you don’t want to do! Duh.

People often think I’m non-committal. They’re right. I do NOT want to say I’ll do something and then flake out or back out. It simply isn’t right to do so. I’d rather be slow to commit and then always follow through than be quick to commit and then flake, or resent that I have to do what I said.

Usually the word Faithfulness is equated to marital fidelity. But that’s just one small example. Of course you should be faithful if you’re married – you committed to do just that at your wedding. But it’s no different than any other commitment.

Do what you say. Mean what you say.

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  1. October 24, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    Two things – First, I’ve never known you to be unfaithful when it comes to your commitments. Maybe I just know the good Incredipete and you’re speaking for his evil twin. And second, faithfulness is a HUGE thing for me. It may trump most every other characteristic in my book. It can make or break a relationship, friendly or otherwise, for me. Good post. =)

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