Ebay, How I Love Thee

I’ve been buying crap on Ebay for a while now. I enjoy getting good deals, and it’s like a garage sale where they have everything you have ever wanted. I have purchased cameras, calculators, sound gear, instruments… and most of it was new in the box. Yes, it’s nice.

Ebay works a lot like the blogosphere. It’s a self-policing e-cosystem where if you behave badly, you get beat down by your peers. If you screw someone, you’ll be run out of town.

Recently I discovered selling on Ebay. Not really “discovered” but “began using.” I hate selling nice stuff, even if I haven’t used it in 2 years. However, that’s not really very smart, and I’m forcing myself to sell stuff I don’t use anymore. I sold a bunch of computer equipment, a Nikon camera, a couple of external hard drives… I’m really getting good at it! I’ve even figured out how Paypal, USPS, and Ebay are all integrated… VERY nifty.

So, I still have a few things for sale: Incredipete’s Ebay Crap for Sale. If you need a 6 string bass or a fancy digital camera, I’m your guy.

I recently bought a 5 string bass that’s not as hard on my carpal tunnel syndrome, and any dream I have of playing the 6 string again is just that…. a dream. CPS doesn’t go away, it gets worse. All of the treatment options suck, and most of them have a track record of not working. So, the 6 string is on the chopping block.

I have a Nikon digital SLR, so having a consumer Kodak camera, however fancy it is, just doesn’t make much sense. So, that’s for sale, too. And the 40GB hard drive… that’s for sale because I can’t even fit a single photo shoot on 40 GB anymore. I shoot Nikon NEF raw format, which makes for huge uncompressed files. I have 2 terabytes of space on my home computer, and I have dual 500GB external drives for backup. 40GB is a spit in the ocean.

Not that any of you care, but I’m enjoying purging my home office and getting some $$$ in the process.

  3 comments for “Ebay, How I Love Thee

  1. April 22, 2008 at 3:53 pm

    I stopped selling on eBay because it’s just too damn expensive when your item sells. The FVF are just too high. Just a note from experience: You’ll get better results if you use a photo of the actual item for sale instead of a stock photo. Good luck!

  2. Meg
    April 23, 2008 at 8:11 pm

    If I hadn’t had to pay for Tyson’s brakes this month, that camera would be mine….

  3. HRT
    April 25, 2008 at 10:28 am

    I’d leave a comment but I’m still just a little too bitter and salty.

    I guess I’m kind of like a lemon flavored pretzel.

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