Drunk Driving

I know a lot of people who drive drunk on a regular basis.

Some of them are even people I like.

If they called me in the middle of the night needing to be bailed out of jail for drunk driving, I’d tell them to bite me.

The drunk driving laws in this country are beyond idioted. A first offender might not even get jail time. Many times it’s simply a night in jail and a fine. The prevailing opinion is if you don’t cause a crash… no harm, no foul.

There is a problem with the prevailing opinion. Drunk driving without getting caught leads to more drunk driving. More drunk driving means a higher chance of hurting or killing someone.

Many of my long term readers know I have a special contempt for drunk drivers, with good cause. I’ve spent many years supporting anti-drunk-driving political groups and charities.

The way we handle drunk drivers now are clearly not a deterrent.

If we really want to stop drunk driving, we have to take it seriously. It’s a serious crime with serious consequences. Tens of thousands of people are killed on the road every year thanks to this crime. It’s ridiculous to think someone might kill another person and get 30 days in jail (as just happened with Donte Stalworth).

It’s time to give drunk drivers the attention they deserve.

First time offenders should get YEARS in jail and permanently lose their driver’s license. No pleading out with a fine or probation. Mandatory REAL jail time for first offenders. Period.

Second time offenders should get at least 5 to 10 years in jail.

Third time offenders, 25 to life. These are habitual offenders who will keep driving drunk until they kill someone.

A person who hurts or kills someone – automatic life in prison, no parole. Period. This is premeditated murder, assault with a deadly weapon, reckless endangerment.

As a society we have to get angry about this crime. This is 100% preventable. Take a cab. Go with a friend who doesn’t drink.

It’s so incredibly selfish and arrogant to drive drunk, anyone who does it should be ashamed and humiliated.