Dream Perchance To Sleep

So last night I dreamed I was trapped on the planet from Starship Troopers, and when I woke up, a herd of spiders were taking my comforter down the hallway. Bugs suck.

And Sunday night, I dreamed that the HR manager from work came to the door of my house at 3AM with her family because “her husband was hungry.” I didn’t have any food in the house, so I offered to drive to the 24 hour McDonalds in the next town, and she agreed. Then her husband told her she should go with me, and he would wait there with the kid.


Why the hell do I have such strange dreams? There must be a reason. Perhaps it’s the fact that I only sleep about 2 hours a night, and my brain is deteriorating. Sometimes I have dreams while I’m awake… that’s weird. My perscription has some odd side effects, and it might be playing a role in my dreams, too.

When I was growing up, I had a recurring dream for literally years. I had the same dream about 250 times, so there must be something to it. Let’s see what you experts think of this one:

(Keep in mind this was right after my brother was born.) The dream always started out in this alley next to a tall brick building. There is a Weber grill, and my brother is there. A couple of guys come up and grab my brother, and start throwing him back and forth, playing catch, and throwing him up in the air as high as they can. My brother’s limbs start coming off, and he is screaming. Then, the Weber grill comes to life and shoots the two guys, and then my parents appear, but they can’t do anything for my limbless brother. Then I woke up. Every time.

WTF? I have no ideas whatsoever… yet I can’t shake the impression that it had to have some kind of meaning.

And it doesn’t stop there… Another recurring dream I had started when I was in elementary. There was a girl two or three years older than me named Anita. She was snotty, and didn’t talk to anyone. She was Latin-American (is that the PC way to say it?). Anyway, in the dream, I am somehow supposed to be picked up by her mom, and they take me to their house. Once I’m there, her hoodlum brothers, uncles, and cousins beat the living hell out of me until I wake up.

Yet another odd dream. Help me people!?