Dems Don’t Need Republicans

It’s being reported today that the Dems are considering invoking some obscure congressional rules that would allow them to pass health care with just 51 votes rather than 60. That means even without all of the Dems on board, they have the votes to pass whatever cockamamie idea they cook up.

The Dems say the Republicans aren’t interested in negotiating a bipartisan bill, however the Republicans feel they’ve already been completely shut out of the process.

Americans clearly don’t want this bill to pass, as evidenced by the polls and the protests, but a little fact like that won’t stop the Dems from doing this.

I feel conflicted about this.

On the one hand, passing this idiocy will kill the economy and the quality of healthcare for GENERATIONS. It will be nearly impossible to undo.

On the other hand, it’s destined to be a colossal clusterf@!%, and if the Dems pass it without a single Republican vote, it will be a huge political win for the Republicans.

However, when it comes to the choice between the country being screwed and the Republicans getting a win, that’s not really a win…

Folks, you’re running out of time to be heard. I’m not sure if you’ll be heard even if you try, but you should at least throw something in front of this train so that you won’t share in the responsibility for the coming fiasco.

Tony Blair was a popular guy, elected by the people, promised to fix everything… and he hosed up the UK irreparably. Obama and his cronies are about to follow his footsteps.