Dealing with the Public

In my daytime job, I don’t really have to deal with the public. I never realize how lucky I am till I’m scheduling my photography gigs.

Today I was scheduled to shoot a calendar (6 women today, 6 next week). We were to start at 10 AM.

Nobody showed up at 10. At 11, I was still sitting there alone.

At 11:15, the agency called me and said they needed to reschedule.


I drove 40 miles to the studio and sat there for over an hour for no reason. Couldn’t you have called at 9:30? Would that have killed you?

Anyhow, if I was rich, I would tell them to eff off and find another photographer. Instead, I have to be nice and reschedule the shoot and act like it was no big deal.

People are inconsiderate twits.