Deadliest Catch, Season 5

Tonight is the start of season 5 of Deadliest Catch, my favorite show.

I’m not really sure why it’s my favorite show, it just is. By the way, my new 2nd favorite show is a guilty pleasure called Operation Repo. People are pretty friggin insane when it comes to their cars.

Anyhow, Deadliest Catch. I remember when it was a mere special on Discovery. Who knew then that it would become such a hit.

I think secretly all men envy the life of an adventurer like these crab fishermen. You don’t go out on the Bering Sea in January in a 120 foot boat unless you’ve got more than a little crazy in you. 60 foot seas, ice, snow, and insane temperatures coupled with heavy machinery, hundreds of miles from anything, and hours away from the nearest other fishing boats. This truly is a crazy job.

Testosterone makes men want to try crazy things, but for most of us, King Crab season is just too crazy. Still, we’re fascinated by not just the concept of a wild frontier, but by the stories of these guys who are probably all running from something. They have grit that is hard for us normal guys to comprehend. We admire them for their courage, but I wonder if courage really has anything to do with why they’re out there. I think for many of them, it’s a tradition passed down for generations and it’s the only life they know.

Maybe if my father and grandfather had been Alaskan Crab fishermen I’d be out on a boat too. I’m not sure. A lot of tough guys go up there thinking they can hack it and they’re finished after a day. Cold, hard work, and seasickness will do that to you.

I also thought at first that maybe some guys just don’t get seasick. However, listening to the interviews with all of these career fishermen, you realize that on the Bering Sea, everyone gets seasick. The difference is they tough their way through the sickness, and after a day or two, they get over it. Most of them do, anyhow. The especially susceptible people don’t get better – they get dehydrated and some of them even die.

It really sounds like a wonderful, terrible life. Freedom, adventure, cold, pain, and potential big bucks… or bust.

Whatever the reasons, these guys have really captured the attention of a big chunk of America. So tune in tonight for the season premier on Discovery!

  3 comments for “Deadliest Catch, Season 5

  1. Dave
    April 14, 2009 at 5:06 pm

    I wish I had cable – guess I’ll have to settle for my favorite show – Lie to Me. If you like good stories and insight into when people lie, along with some good satire of current and past celebs and politicians, it’s fun.

    People lie because most people don’t have 1% of the courage the crab fishermen do!

  2. April 15, 2009 at 6:38 am

    I’ve seen an episode of Lie to Me, I liked it. Deadliest Catch is a great show, I especially like following each of the captains and their crew. Everyone has a story to tell.

  3. HRT
    April 15, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    If I was the one who had to go out to catch the crab in those conditions, Red Lobster would be re-named Red you’ll get whatever fish we can grow in a climate controlled pond someplace near Clearwater Fl. don’t even think about the crab, you must be nuts- ter’s

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