Dain Bramage

Yesterday I alluded to having moved all of my proverbial eggs into one basket by putting all of my IHS servers into the hands of one data center company.

In the interest of explaining myself as well as telling you about my craptastic weekend, let me tell you what that involved.

First, on Thursday I ordered my new web servers. It took about 8 hours for them to set them up and configure them to my specs. So first thing on Friday I began copying accounts from my old servers which were strewn about all over the country.

Because I was dealing with companies who were not the most helpful, and because they didn’t want to lose my business, they decided to lock me out of SSH when they realized I was on my way out the door.

I know that doesn’t mean anything to a lot of you. But what it meant to me was instead of copying the entire contents of my servers, I had to copy one web account at a time. I have a LOT of web accounts. I had to login to the old server, create an account backup, log in to the new server and import it, then check to make sure it wasn’t FUBAR.

That process took all of Friday (till 3:00 AM) and most of Saturday (till 3:00 AM). Sunday I got up early and started the ugly process of getting nameservers sorted out. My own nameservers could stay the same, but their IPs would be changing. That part was pretty easy. I simply changed their IPs and told my old servers hostname to forward to the new server until it all resolved.

The ugly part came in when I got to my last 60 or so accounts… the ones that I created when I first started hosting. They used 3rd party nameservers. That started the horrible process of finding out where each domain was registered, finding a way to get access to it, and changing the nameservers one at a time.

That left a handful of domains that were customer registered instead of registered through me. I had to contact each of them and ask them to please change their nameservers lest they be site-less.

At the same time, I decided that my company (who has 20 websites) needed to be on their own dedicated server, so I spent quite a bit of time getting that to work properly.

After a hellish weekend, I’m not just sitting around waiting for DNS to resolve fully before I stick a fork in those old servers.

If you’re an IHS customer and you get any weird errors in WordPress, just holler. Sometimes file permissions default wrong when they get copied.

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