Creepy Uncles

Have you ever wondered why EVERYONE has a creepy uncle? An uncle that’s just not quite right in the head.

Call them eccentric. Call them creepy. Call them weird. We all have one.

How does that happen? I find it hard to believe that creepiness is that common. Yet… I’ll bet you have a creepy uncle, don’t you!

That got me thinking. What if I end up being the creepy uncle of my family!? I’m sure nobody plans on being that guy.

Do you become the creepy uncle by default if you are either single or you have no kids? The creepy uncle usually doesn’t have a wife or kids. But I have an uncle who’s not married and he’s NOT creepy… so that theory can’t be right.

Jenna has an “eccentric” uncle. I wouldn’t say he’s creepy, but he’s definitely an odd duck. He’s single… always has been.

I know my kids will have a creepy uncle, because right now he’s just a creepy brother-in-law. I keep thinking he’ll come into his own eventually. We’ll see.

I have 5 uncles and only one of them is creepy. I’d be willing to bet that if you have 2 uncles, one of them will be creepy. And I’d be willing to bet that if you only have one uncle… he’s creepy.

So tell me if I’m right.


  2 comments for “Creepy Uncles

  1. livieloo
    August 4, 2009 at 8:28 am

    I have an odd great uncle but he’s from Germany and doesn’t speak much English so I think it’s a European thing… I mean, most the people alive, that I have met on my Father’s side of the family are creeps… including my father. I don’t know if that really helps you figure out what qualifies a creep. My mother’s side of the family seems relatively normal…

  2. Kamasue
    August 4, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    I never had a creepy uncle until my mom married the man she’s with now. He has a chizophrenic brother and one who has the IQ of a 14 year old. Both the “uncles” live with my mother and her husband. Makes up for all those comfortable holidays I had growing up.

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