Craigslist Yields Another Deal

Some days I wonder what the eff is wrong with Craigslist. The weirdos I encounter on there are almost enough to drive me out of the internet person-to-person sales business. After my encounter with the angry stalker boyfriend last month, it made me question it even further.

But then, just when I think I’m ready to give up on old Craigslist, it gives me a gift. Yesterday’s gift was a low-mileage, mint condition Nikon D2x. The Craigslist ad posted it for $900. I offered the guy $750 and he accepted right away. I started wondering if it was all beat up.

We agreed to meet in a public place, where I looked at the camera and even tested it out. It’s in perfect condition, and he even had the box, paperwork, and accessories.

I handed over my $750 in cash and we both went on our way.

After searching the interwebs trying to comparison shop for a mint condition D2x, I found that they average $2,600. I knew they retailed new for $4,000.

So now I have a lovely new camera in Nikon’s “Pro” category. First one for me. I’ve been in the Pro-sumer category all my life thanks to their ridiculously high prices.

Craigslist is, to steal the analogy from Chris Rock, like an uncle that molests you but then pays for your college.