Think of any jerk or entitled hooch that you’ve ever met. I’ll bet you $100 that they never faced consequences for their actions. No one ever held them accountable, so they learned they could do whatever they wanted and be demanding and treat people like crap and nothing bad would happen to them.

The other day Nicole and I were driving down a side street by our house and a little barefoot 9 year old boy was walking down the middle of the road. We had to stop so we wouldn’t run him over. He looked straight at us and yelled “What are you looking at, Bitch?!” This is a kid who hasn’t faced consequences for his actions. I rolled down my window and suddenly he shrunk back a bit from his bravado. After a few words I drove off and he RAN home to mommy.

That kid is going to be a jerk when he’s an adult. Unless someone somewhere beats the living crap out of him for spouting off.

Every child has the potential to be a spoiled, entitled little jerk. Even the Bible says that by not punishing your child you are saying that you hate them.

The point of this post though is to talk about adults. There are millions of adults who simply do whatever they want without any regard for others. Nobody says a word because that type of person is usually very self assured, loud, short-fused, and maybe just a little bit scary. So it just perpetuates the same behavior.

Once someone makes it to adulthood and they’re still a jerk, it’s almost impossible to fix, because no one in their life really has leverage to use with them. They surround themselves with people who will “obey” them and kiss their hiney. They make the people around them feel like they are worthless and couldn’t live without them.

Without leverage (i.e. “If you don’t stop being a jerk, I’m going to ground you for a year”), it’s very difficult to deal with these people. Generally the only options are avoidance, dealing with it, or going nuclear. You can’t take a 30 year old and put them over your knee. Ok, well, you can, but that’s another topic that we’ve already discussed here. And I digress.

Parents, discipline your kids consistently. Let them experience and feel real consequences for their actions. Don’t let them be entitled little jerks. Because if you do, they’ll turn into entitled BIG jerks.