Concert Time

I apologize for the lack of updates. Funny, 3 months ago, people were complaining that I updated too often. Be careful what you wish for, I guess.

I’ve been super busy adjusting to the new job. My pups barely see me anymore, and they look so sad when I get home. I feel guilty.

I went to see a local band “Load, Point, Pull” tonight. I ran into a gal that used to work for me, and was reminded that I need to find a spot for her at the new place. She is the hands down winner of the “Best Hire I Ever Made, If I Do Say So Myself” award. It was one of the louder concerts I’ve ever gone to, but they were great. I got on to their website, and apparently they quit keeping it up.

Anyhoo, tomorrow night I am having dinner with a good friend, and then I’m going to hear my new favorite band, “Disco Dick and the Mirrorballs.” Saturday I’m shooting engagement pictures for a friend of a friend, and then going to my ex-boss’ Christmas party.

I’m getting tired just thinking about the next two days. I’d better go to bed.