Ok, how long have I been trying to tell you that Global Warming was simply a political spin move?

My logic was that just 30 years ago, scientists were SURE that the Earth was about to freeze into a solid chunk of ice, and they were actively attempting to MELT the polar ice caps.

Global Warming Scientists Cooking the Books

As it turns out, some prominent scientists who advocate global warming have been busted basically cooking all the numbers, trying to stifle any opposing thought, and just all around politicizing global warming. Like I’m surprised.

CRU, University of Pennsylvania, and several other prominent global warming “scientific” research centers are implicated in the scandal.

Now, in much of the mainstream media, you won’t find much on this topic. You’ll have to type in “Climategate” into Google and you’ll discover that most of the articles have been published in the UK. Hmmm. Very interesting.

ANYHOW, the long and the short is, the “scientists” were fudging the numbers, actively trying to prevent anti-global warming scientists from being published in scientific journals, CHEERING the death of one of the prominent anti-global warming scientists, and talking about “just how in the heck are we going to keep people from finding out that global warming stopped several years ago.”

Not making this up.

If you still think global warming is bringing on the destruction of planet Earth, you should consider looking up gullible in the dictionary. I hear that Webster decided to remove it.

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  1. November 26, 2009 at 2:24 pm

    My first question is:

    Do the global warming supporters fully grasp how embarrassing this is and how damaging this is to their credibility?

    My next question is:

    Can we force Al Gore to give his Pulitzer back?

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