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Christianity and Gay Marriage

If two men stand at an altar and vow to love each other forever, God isn’t confused by that.

Christians are told to love their neighbor as themselves. So, what if your neighbor is gay? What if your neighbor wants to marry their partner? What’s a good Christian to do???

I have a few thoughts, all of which are sure to offend one side or the other. As is my tradition.

I believe that Christ would want us to love them, not judge them, and try to be a positive witness (or light) to them. Jesus wasn’t keen on beating people over the head with His message. He was more of a “let them come to me if they want to hear” kind of guy. People were drawn to Him because he was loving, had a message that resonated, and was a person that you would want to be around.

But Christians, I’m about to call you out.

A lot of Christians have a giant stick up their rear. I’m not sure I can pinpoint the origin of this phenomenon, but it’s quite apparent, especially to non-Christians.

So let’s get what the Bible actually teaches on the table right up front. In Leviticus 20, we are commanded not to “lie with a man as one lies with a woman.” So basically, no homosexual sex. However, the same chapter also says we should put anyone who curses their parents to death. James 2:10 says “For whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point has become accountable for all of it.” Eeek. So if we… get drunk, have lust, overeat, steal, or curse someone, we are accountable for the WHOLE LAW!?

That’s a pretty heavy realization, one which Christians like to give lip service to, but not actually follow in practice. Homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible, and it’s an “outward” sin – meaning everyone around you can see it. Lust, on the other hand, is an inward sin. Those who are committing inward sins LOVE to look down on folks committing outward sins.

It’s often argued that Christian marriage is a picture of Christ’s love for the church. I agree with this interpretation. But here’s where I disagree with the typical Christian stance on enforcing marriage “laws” through the government. God can tell the difference between a Christian marriage and a non-Christian marriage. He doesn’t need our help identifying it. Two non-Christians marrying each other isn’t a picture of Christ and the church, either.

As Christians, we have a responsibility in our own marriages to make them as close to a picture of Christ and the church as we can with His help. But we also have a responsibility to love our sinful neighbors, as we are sinners ourselves and Christ loves us.

The government cannot legislate what constitutes a Christian marriage, because the concept of Christian marriage has nothing to do with the government at all. Legal marriage exists solely for taxation and estates, nothing else. If two men stand at an altar and vow to love each other forever, God isn’t confused by that. And we need to spend more time worrying about our own marriages and less time worrying about doing God’s job for Him.

The sanctity of marriage is not in any way reduced when a gay couple get married. To argue otherwise is to miss the entire point. Christian marriage is the picture of Christ and the church. No other marriage is – BUT, no other marriage is TRYING to be that picture. We are so hung up on the word that we are completely ignoring the CONCEPT.

If I have an orange and you have an apple, and you insist on calling your apple an orange, it makes no sense for me to get mad about it. WHO CARES what you call your ever-lovin’ stupid apple? If you like your apple and you want to eat it and you think it’s an orange, more power to you!

I’m so tired of the Christian platitude of “love the person but hate the sin.” We should love the person because they are no worse and no better than us, and loving them is what we’ve been commanded. That should be enough, if you’re really a Christian.

People Who Defend Abortion are Mentally Retarded

They must be, because they deny the facts and insist on using confused logic as their arguments. What are the major arguments defending abortion, let’s see…

1. A baby shouldn’t have to have a crappy parent that doesn’t want them.

2. If we make it illegal, abortion will be more dangerous (not to the fetus – it’s just as dangerous for them either way).

3. It’s a parasite and the woman should have the right to kill it until it’s “viable”.

4. “It’s my body” and you should piss off. (The age old cry of the feminazi)

5. And my favorite non-argument “You’re a man, so your opinion is meaningless.

If you look at those arguments objectively, you’d quickly realize that each one is faulty on its face.

1. Since when do we kill someone so they won’t have a crappy life (Terry Schiavo being an obvious exception). Lots of people have crappy lives, and I’d venture to say that almost all of them are happy they weren’t aborted. And “overpopulation” is another follow-on argument that’s also bunk, because I have driven across the Midwest and I can assure you, there’s lots of room.

2. Um yes. If we make it illegal it will be more dangerous. However, all other forms of murder are illegal and illegal abortion isn’t dangerous AT ALL if you DON’T FRIGGIN HAVE ONE.

3. First of all, you’re retarded. Second of all, you clearly haven’t ever taken a science class. Third of all, you’re retarded. By the same logic, a two year old child is a parasite… they can’t survive on their own. Here’s why you’re retarded. “Fetus” has it’s own unique DNA, it’s own blood type which does not mix with the mother’s, it has it’s own heartbeat (22 days after conception) and brainwaves, and since it’s DNA is unique AND human, by definition, it’s a FRICKING UNIQUE HUMAN BEING. If you cling to the idea that it’s part of your body, you’re simply being selfish and irrational. There’s no other explanation because science and logic completely refute this argument. We’re literally within years of being able to grow a baby completely in a lab… women as an incubator won’t always be necessary. What then, viability nuts?

4. Your body is your body, and the baby’s body is the baby’s body. We’ll piss off from messing with your body if you piss off and leave your baby alone.

5. So since I’m a man, can I not have an opinion on whether a woman can legally kill someone? This argument is just a deflection because the women who defend abortion can’t allow themselves to ever for once second think it might be a baby. The wheels come off for all the arguments if it is a baby, since society routinely makes it illegal to harm or kill another human being.

The entire pro-abortion crowd is dwindling ( with 72% saying it should only be allowed in the direst of circumstances (which doesn’t include “oops, I’m pregnant”), and that makes me happy. Many that still cling to it are either leftover feminists that helped usher in legal abortion, or they are women who actually had an abortion, and to admit that it’s a baby would be devastating to them.

I have nothing but compassion for women that have had an abortion. Many close personal friends have had them. I’m not one of the raving lunatics that holds graphic signs on the street. But I do completely reject all of the arguments FOR abortion, because in the final analysis, the only thing that matters is a helpless human is being killed in the most painful ways possible, and it’s own mother is allowing it. I can’t think of anything more awful.

So to sum up. If you’ve had an abortion in your past for whatever reason, you aren’t mentally retarded. At best you were naive’, and at worst you were selfish, but all have sinned and no one here on Earth can judge you.

If you’re a Christian and you still think abortion should be legal, you need to seriously examine your belief system. By the same token, if you’re a Christian and you’re pro-war, you might have something wrong with your brain.

If you’re one of those people that clings to calling the preborn baby a “fetus” (which is latin for ‘little one’) and insists it doesn’t deserve basic human rights, well, you should probably be wearing a helmet and a bib. Retard.

My Summary of Beliefs

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you probably already know all of this, but in the interest of bringing new readers up to speed. People email me all the time asking “what the heck is a compassionate conservative.” You may be wondering the same thing. Since I coined the term, I think that my personal beliefs are therefore the definition of a compassionate conservative. I will list my general life point of view with SHORT explanations of each. If you want expanded thoughts on any of them, there are countless posts in the archive. (And by countless, I mean approximately 900.)

1. Capitalism is not evil. Capitalism harnesses the innate greed that human beings naturally have, and provides more opportunities than any other form of government in history. A rising tide lifts all ships, so if the country gets richer, that means better help for the less fortunate (and/or lazy and worthless) people.

2. The Supreme Court is not “supreme” The founding fathers never meant for the judicial branch to become the ultimate power of the universe. Over time, that’s become the case. The two party system ensures we never have the votes for a new constitutional amendment, and the executive branch is completely impotent.

3. No American should ever go hungry. If you asked most conservatives, they’d agree with this statement… But more specifically, I mean that no child, handicapped, or ill person should go hungry. Able-bodied people who are simply lazy can starve for all I care.

4. The government is the worst form of charity. Non profits and churches SHOULD be the social safety net for less fortunate. Sadly, the government has increasingly intervened, taxed, and commandeered the charity profession calling it “welfare.” The federal government has no role in social welfare. This is a state and local activity.

5. Egregious criminals should be executed. With the forensic technology available today, there is no reason we should shy away from ridding society of depraved scumbags. Money is wasted taking them through countless appeals, and housing and feeding them for the rest of their lives.

6. Gays should be allowed to legally marry. My conservative friends cringe when I say this. But the fact is, it’s discriminatory to give financial incentives to certain groups and not to others. It doesn’t matter if you think homosexuality is “sin”, because in the eyes of the law, it’s irrelevant.

7. Life begins at conception. An unborn child is not “part of the mother” that can be discarded. It has it’s own unique DNA, heartbeat, etc. If it’s got human DNA, it’s human. If it’s different from the mother, then it’s a unique person. If it’s a unique person, then you can’t kill it just because it’s fragile.

8. Federal government should be TINY. The feds have only a few responsibilities – military, census, interstate legal cases. That’s about it. Schools, medicine, insurance, regulations, roads, and basically everything else should be decided by state governments. That’s what the founders wanted. That’s what makes the most sense.

9. Corporations are not evil, including banks, insurance and oil companies. Corporations are made up of millions of AMERICANS. And even people who don’t work in big corporations have stocks in them. When you screw corporations, you’re actually screwing the millions that work there, along with your own 401k. Dumbass.

10. Global warming is simply a marketing scheme. Scare people and they’ll change their buying behavior, change their voting behavior. GE is constantly harping on being green. Guess what, they manufacture tons of products that are “green” and they stand to make a fortune if they convert people to global warming religion. 40 years ago scientists were on the ice caps with black tarps trying to get them to melt faster so we wouldn’t have an ice age. They have NO idea what’s going on.

11. Immigrants and Illegal Immigrants are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. I am fully supportive of legal immigration, and I’m even in favor of issuing work visas and day passes so that we can still have cheap fruit. I’m not in favor of having millions of people pouring into the country on which we have no records. BAD idea.

12. Racism is largely bunk. Affluent areas tend to be far less racist than poor areas. I believe that racism is a product of poverty and that entire mindset of ignorance. Educated people are rarely racists (and when they are racists, they prefer to hide it). Slavery was 150 years ago. No one alive today ever owned a slave.

13. Kids should be spanked. Back when ALL kids were spanked, they never had school shootings, teenage pregnancy, drug use, or rampant STDs. We wonder why our kids have gone to hell in a handbasket. Well duh.

14. Taxing bad habits is still wrong. Cigarette, gambling and other “sin taxes” are a blight. I’m a militant cigarette hater, and even I know that it’s immoral to punish a group for doing something that’s completely legal. Either make it illegal or get off their backs.

15. Drunk drivers should do hard time. I have personal hatred of drunk drivers, but beyond that – no one doesn’t know they should have a designated driver. If you still choose to drink and drive and you get caught, there shouldn’t just be a fine. First offense, at least a year in jail. Three strikes gets you 25 years. Only cracking down will ever make a dent in this problem.

16. Drugs should all be legalized. The government has no business telling you not to do drugs. I have never even tried pot, but even I am for legalization. Tax it, regulate it, sell it at Walgreens. If you drive under the influence, you go to jail. If you get high in your basement, more power to you.

17. Terrorists don’t get our Bill of Rights. Last time I checked, military action by groups not operating under a national flag are terrorists. And last time I checked, the Geneva Conventions didn’t cover terrorists. Our courts are wasting time and money giving these guys “due process” when they should be enjoying military executions.

18. The time for labor unions has passed. When unions first formed, there was no OSHA, no EPA, no minimum wage, no workers rights of any kind. The only thing unions do now is ratchet up costs and line their own pockets. UAW is happy to insist on large pay increases even as their numbers dwindle. If they cared about the people, they’d worry more about keeping as many people employed as possible instead of trying to get rich.

19. Bailouts fly in the face of our founding principles. After 9/11, Southwest Airlines didn’t take any money from the Feds, and they came through great while other airlines simply squandered the cash. Imagine if they hadn’t been bailed out, Southwest would have gotten all of their competition’s business. Ford didn’t take a bailout last year, and guess who turned a profit? Ford. Imagine if GM and Chrysler hadn’t been bailed out – Ford REALLY would have eaten their lunch. When bad things happen, the best companies should prosper, and the weak, stupid, and inefficient companies should die.

20. The Monroe Doctrine is the best way for America to operate. We keep interfering in other country’s business and then we wonder why everyone is pissed at us. We need to bring home ALL of our troops, including the ones that are in Germany, Europe, etc. We need to park our battleships on our own coasts to defend our waters. We need our military to be on our borders keeping out riffraff. We need to stop screwing with other countries. It’s not our problem. We have plenty of things we need to fix here before we worry about other countries, or worse, expand through imperialism. That doesn’t have a very good history.

Smokers are Stupid and Insecure

How’s that for a provocative title?!

Don’t worry, I’ll back up my incendiary title with some logic.

If you still smoke given the massive amount of knowledge we have about the health problems derived from smoking, you’re stupid. Stupid because there are at least 50 quit-smoking options that will help you stop. Stupid because you’re knowingly doing something that can cause extremely painful, slow death. Stupid because if you’re reading here, you’re probably an adult and you can’t blame foolishness of youth.

I’d dare say smoking is one of the more stupid things a person can do. It’s THE leading cause of cancer, emphysema, pregnancy complications, and heart disease. Last year I watched a 37 year old man die from emphysema… he had smoked since he was a young teen. I can tell you from being there at the hospital that it was a horrible, painful, slow death. His brain was fully aware of what was happening, but he was helpless. From the time he checked into the hospital (thinking he’d caught pneumonia) to the time he died was about 5 days. Five days of knowing he was going to die, unable to catch one full breath, in a cold sweat… wishing he could die faster.

That’s what smoking does. He seemed perfectly healthy up until the week he died. Sure, he got short of breath when he walked too far, but that seemed normal for a guy who was a smoker. He didn’t think twice about it.

Almost everyone knows at least one family member who has died from smoking. Yet here we go, puffing away like idiots. Sure, nicotine is addictive. Supposedly it’s among the most addictive substances around. But people quit every day. So basically if you say you can’t quit because it’s too addictive, you’re saying that you have less will power than all of those other people who quit. Hmmm.

And why do I say smokers are insecure?

Well, the argument could be used to prove insecurity AND stupidity. What smoker ever enjoyed their first cigarette? It doesn’t give you a high or mellow you out. It makes you cough, turn green, and sometimes vomit. Those are not things a smart, secure person repeats just so they can be accepted by the “cool” kids. A secure person would see other people taking their first drag and turning green, and they’d say “no thanks, I don’t like coughing and barfing.”

So if you started smoking in the first place, it means you ignored the disgusting first experience so you could be cool. That makes you insecure and lame.

You may have outgrown your insecurity…. but gosh darnit, you’re still smoking, so you still haven’t outgrown your stupidity.

Put down the cigarette, grab a stick of gum, and pray that your lungs can recover from what you’ve done to them.

Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People?

The question is often asked – why do bad things happen to good people?

I’d argue that many people who appear “good” are actually sickos behind closed doors (wife beaters, child abusers, etc.). So I’d argue that more often than not, bad things happen to bad people.

However, I personally wonder why GOOD things happen to BAD people. Why are greedy, evil bastards getting rich and becoming powerful? Why do lowlife scumbags win the lottery? Why has Hugh Hefner lived a long and healthy life?

These questions are much harder to understand because they make one question the wisdom of living a “good” life. If good and bad things happening are totally random, what’s the point of being good? Why not just do whatever you feel like? If there’s no such thing as Karma, then surely there’s no point to denying yourself anything you want to do. You can simply repent on your deathbed and still go to heaven (assuming you believe in heaven).

There are countless thugs getting rich playing in the NBA while good people serving in homeless shelters and charities aren’t able to pay their basic bills. That doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Does Kobe deserve to be making millions a year, or does he deserve to be in jail for rape?

I’d argue that doing “good” is a reward unto itself. It makes you a more centered, balanced person. There’s no financial payoff. There’s no glory in it. It’s simply the right thing to do.