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Making America Great Again

And so it is finished. America is doomed. By this time next year, we’ll be killing gays in the streets, subjugating women, and reinstating slavery.


By this time next year, we will have replaced Obamacare, started enforcing our borders, renegotiated NAFTA, fixed the tax system to encourage businesses to, like, keep making stuff here, and maybe even start fixing our law enforcement issues.

It really depends who you ask as to which of those scenarios will take place.

I get it, I really do. Donald Trump says a lot of mean things. He even says perverted things (or at least “a” thing). He’s made questionable business decisions. He’s bullied other companies into doing things the way he wanted at the price he wanted.

The thing that’s puzzling about the left’s complete and utter meltdown has been that Trump spent most of his life as a Democrat, and is by far the most progressive candidate ever put up by the Republicans. He is much closer to Bill Clinton (both in policy and in his dealings with women) than to Bush or Reagan.

The meltdown is because Hillary was a woman. It was her time to smash the glass ceiling. And us uneducated redneck racist sexist homophobic morons in the red states stole it from her because she was a woman and obviously we all hate women.

Except that in addition to being a woman, she was an ULTRA left wing, abortion-loving, tax-loving, small business crushing likely criminal and possible traitor who thought she deserved to win. So much that she and the DNC literally rigged the primaries with vote flipping and all sorts of nefarious shenanigans, which actually stole the election from ANOTHER WHITE MALE, Bernie Sanders.

I will never defend Trump joking about grabbing women. I won’t defend him making fun of a disabled reporter (who incidentally was being a jerk to Trump). I don’t BELIEVE that he said Mexicans ARE rapists. I heard the speech, and he said “They’re sending their criminals, their rapists.” We can agree to disagree on that.

But Trump understands what almost everyone in the middle part of the country understands – WE MUST STOP SINGING THE FALSE SONG OF GLOBALISM. Soros has been pulling our strings long enough. We don’t need to bow to other countries to our own detriment. Trump is right that NAFTA has been a disaster for the working class of America. Trump is right that we need jobs HERE, not bombs to drop on Syria.

The reason 60M people voted for Donald Trump is twofold: Hillary is an evil war hawk who hates the unborn. And two, Donald Trump wants to put America first… all citizens of America. I reject the notion that people here who didn’t go through legal channels should have consideration.

Time will tell how he governs, but we can be certain of one thing – it will not be the status quo.


Our gun rights are as fundamental to Americans as our right to free speech, our right to due process, and our right to practice our religion.

Over the weekend, a crazed Muslim who also may have been a deeply repressed gay man unleashed his anger by killing 49 innocent people in a gay nightclub in Florida. He was an American citizen, although he reportedly told hostages he was doing it because he wanted America to “stop bombing his country” which certainly sounds like he felt that he was really not an American at heart. All of that is beside the point. He walked in and shot people who had done nothing to him.

I cringed for two reasons. First, it’s a national tragedy. I am a Christian and very staunchly pro life. Over the years I’ve even changed my position and now oppose the death penalty. I think all Americans should have the same rights and privileges, regardless their color, what they believe or who they love. The fact this appears to be both a homegrown terrorist attack AND a hate crime is particularly disturbing. Secondly, though, I cringed because I knew what was coming – the gun control hand wringing and politicizing.

Of course, it took two seconds for everyone on the left to say “see, guns are bad” and everyone on the right to say “hey, get your hands off our guns you commies.”

In order to understand America’s obsession with guns, you have to go all the way back to the beginning. You can’t understand the 2nd amendment without understanding that America’s roots were revolutionary. America was founded to escape government tyranny and set up a system where that could never happen. If you look at the founder’s own writings, it’s incredibly apparent they wanted an armed populace for this very reason.

“I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians.” – George Mason, co-author of the 2nd Amendment.

“Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence.” – George Washington

“Americans have the right and advantage of being armed, unlike the people of other countries, whose leaders are afraid to trust them with arms.” – James Madison.

“What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.” – Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, December 20, 1787

“The Constitution of most of our states (and of the United States) assert that all power is inherent in the people; that they may exercise it by themselves; that it is their right and duty to be at all times armed.” – Thomas Jefferson, letter to to John Cartwright, 5 June 1824

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” – William Pitt, Speech in the House of Commons, November 18, 1783

I end with that last quote for a reason. Necessity. That’s what we are hearing now. We MUST act on gun control because bad, crazy people keep doing bad crazy stuff with them. No discussion at all about the uncomfortable fact that nearly all of the mass shootings of the past 20 years have happened in “gun free” zones where good people aren’t allowed to carry.

I’m going to say this as clearly as I can: To disarm the American people is to fundamentally destroy the roots of our founding. It is not just an insult to the 100,000,000 responsible gun owners in America, it is an insult to our own heritage as a country.

The left will say the right to bear arms was only for the “militia” referenced in the 2nd Amendment. In order to believe this, you have to completely ignore everything that the writers of the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment actually said about it. And this has been upheld time after time by the Supreme Court. Hillary has said that the Supreme Court is wrong on this Audio. But they weren’t, and she is.

The slippery slope effect is strong with us, too. We need to ban “assault rifles.” Politicians who say this are only demonstrating they don’t know the first thing about guns. I will go on the record here. I have multiple AR-15s. I have a dozen handguns. If the government suddenly decided that I have to turn in my AR-15s, I could still very easily kill 50 people in a nightclub.

An AR-15 holds between 10 and 30 rounds. My 1911 handguns hold 10 rounds, and my Glocks hold 19 rounds. But, 45 magazines are much smaller and easy to carry than AR Magpul magazines. And guess what. A .45 round is GIANT compared with an AR .223 round (I circled the actual bullet, which is the part that shoots out of the gun). See the picture:


If I loaded up a dozen magazines for my Glock with hollow points, I could inflict just as much damage as this guy did with his “assault rifle” and it would be much lighter for me to carry, and much easier to hide on my person. It takes less than 2 seconds to change magazines in any gun, “assault” or not. Even revolvers can be reloaded with a speedloader. Watch this if you don’t believe me, watch the first 10 seconds of this video: Speed Loader.

NO ONE has “automatic weapons.” They’ve been illegal since the 1980s. Every AR-15 and every handgun works by pulling the trigger once for each shot. You can’t just go in and hold down the AR-15 trigger and go nuts like a war movie. The term “semi-automatic” means that when you fire a shot, the next round gets loaded into the chamber. Guess what, folks. That’s no different than a revolver, which has been around since 1835.

All this argument trying to differentiate guns based on how scary they look is moronic. In this picture, we have two rifles:

Assault Rifles

They are EXACTLY the same except one is black and has a collapsible stock, and the other is wood and doesn’t have a collapsible stock. The black one would be considered an assault rifle (and was banned under the 94 ban), because, well, it looks scary.

The left talks about common sense, but what they seem to fail to recognize is that unless every single type of gun is outlawed, mass shootings will still happen, because some people are fricking crazy. People killed 3,000 people with airplanes and box cutters on 9/11. The Boston bombers used COOKWARE. Timothy McVeigh used fertilizer to kill 186 people. Bad people will always find a way to do bad things, and even if guns ceased to exist, it would still be incredibly easy for a crazy person to kill a bunch of people. Guys who lose it and shoot their wife and kids will just grab a knife and do the same thing – except it will be a much slower, much more agonizing death.

Imagine if you will, though, the government figures out how to do a real, nationwide gun ban/buyback like they did in Australia. There are about 350 million guns currently in circulation. Because it has always been a constitutional right, very few of those are actually registered and documented anywhere, unless you happen to live in a fascist state like Illinois, California, New York, or Massachusetts. That means the government to really effectively find most of the guns, they’d have to search house to house and seize privately owned property that Americans paid for with their hard-earned money.

Let’s assume, however, that the government comes up with the 250 BILLION dollars it would roughly cost to do a buyback at cost. (Pete’s very rough estimate.) At least 20% of the population would hide their guns. That would leave about 70 MILLION guns still out there, and the only thing that would increase would be black market gun sales and black market violence. Instead of just drugs getting smuggled in from Mexico, it would be guns. The genie is already out of the bottle, and it can’t be put back.

It worked in Australia because Australia wasn’t founded by revolutionaries. Our gun rights are as fundamental to Americans as our right to free speech, our right to due process, and our right to practice our religion.

Can both sides of the aisle agree that people on the no-fly list shouldn’t be able to buy guns? Of course, we should be able to agree. Felons already can’t buy guns. People who have been adjudicated cuckoo also already can’t buy guns. Selling guns to suspected terrorists seems like a really bad idea. Of course, these people should have the right to a process of getting taken off of the no-fly list, because this isn’t communist China.

I will always choose a little bit of risk to keep my freedom, and you should too, proud American. So go buy a gun. Not because you need one today, but because it’s your right, and someday, if things keep progressing the way they are, you may just need it.

Supporting Trump Isn’t Racist or Sexist

Today it seems that if you support Donald Trump (for whatever reason), you are automatically deemed a racist, sexist, xenophobic redneck idiot. As someone who supports Trump and DOESN’T hate minorities or women, I find this disturbing. I also don’t care for the label of “idiot” but at least with that one, you can consider the source.

Hillary Clinton represents everything that is wrong with American politics. She is beholden to special interests, particularly foreign ones, and also seems to be a pretty mean-spirited, war-mongering hack.

Here are some of the things the current political system has gotten us (regardless who had power):

  1. Endless “police actions” (read: WARS) throughout the world wherever we have financial interests, but not where we don’t
  2. An elite class of people/corporations who can buy whatever power or influence they want, by legally bribing candidates
  3. A completely retarded healthcare/insurance system that is even more screwed up than when it was run by greedy corporations
  4. Literally anyone can cross the borders into the US without so much as a glance. I accidentally crossed into Canada from Maine and probably would not have even been noticed until I reached Montreal
  5. Political correctness has devolved into “you can have free speech unless it hurts my feelings”

These are just a smattering of the things that are wrong with the system, and they are the tip of the iceberg. The country is going to hell in a handbasket, and we just keep on bringing back the same asshats who give themselves raises and better insurance while passing laws that restrict and bankrupt the rest of us.

God help you if you’re in the middle class. You get to pay for all of the social programs AND you get to pay to prop up the corporations taking advantage of every loophole that 60 years of lobbying can get you.

Donald Trump is a blowhard. He speaks many times without thinking. I think we can all agree on that.

Here’s what Donald Trump isn’t: He’s not a racist or a sexist. He has married, promoted, hired, and supported more people of color, people from other countries, and women than any other major executive you could name. AND if you look at wage disparity, Trump kicks Hillary’s ever-lovin’ rear end all over town. She’s not even paying her own campaign staff equitably between male and female. He famously said that women should make what men make if they do the same job as a man at the same level. Hillary tried to turn that into a sexist comment. Really??

Trump famously wants to close the borders. For that, he’s called a xenophobe and a racist. But if you ask any family that immigrated here legally, they are with Trump. There’s a right way to do it. We can argue about how easy it should be, but there shouldn’t just be a “come on in whoever you are” sign at the border. We need to know who is here. That’s not racist. That’s what it means to be a sovereign nation.

He famously said “they aren’t sending their best, they’re sending their criminals, their rapists.” The media immediately changed “their” to “they’re” in their reports so they could claim Trump thinks all illegal immigrants are rapists. Asinine.

Trump wants us to return to American exceptionalism. He wants us to bring the jobs back here. He wants to protect the borders and get out of the phony-baloney wars that we’ve inserted ourselves into all over the world – a practice which has directly resulted in 100’s of thousands of deaths, a fair amount of which were civilians and children. Trump says what he thinks. No focus groups, no lying, no special interests.

If we get Hillary, we get 4 more years of the same stuff – except this time with an untrustworthy, warmongering, Wall Street and Saudi beholden shill. We conservatives will be longing for Obama by the time she’s done.

If you want to say I’m an idiot for supporting Trump, feel free. But don’t you dare tell me I’m a racist or a sexist or throw your ridiculous social justice politically correct BS at me. Ad Hominem arguments are a pointless waste of time.

The Republican Bill of Goods

Something went wrong somewhere along the way, post Reagan. I’m not sure what it was, and I’m not smart enough to analyze it. We were sold the American dream. We were told that anyone and everyone, no matter their circumstances, can become one of “them.” Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, they said. And if you don’t succeed, clearly there’s something wrong with you.

After many years of voting against my own self interests, I’ve finally caught on.

Listen to me carefully. The billionaires… the oligarchy… the elite… the powerful…. YOU are not one of them. YOU are NEVER gonna be one of them. You just aren’t. Period. End of story. If you’re incredibly lucky and have a genius idea at exactly the right time and place, you might make a few million dollars. That is a rounding error for the people who actually run things.

You are never gonna be the powerful elite. Back in the late 2000’s, General Electric had a year when they earned over 10 billion in net profits. They paid zero dollars in taxes. To put that into perspective, that same year I earned $60,000 working two jobs. I paid $10,000 in taxes. I personally paid more in taxes than GE. The game is rigged, and those who are at the top have rigged it so that no matter what, they will always win. Wall Street, the big banks, the powerful multi-national corporations. The Koch’s and the George Soros’s of the world.

These are the people who have convinced us that if we just keep voting for people who will “incentivize” corporations, the money will flow like water. We, my friends, are idiots.

If you read my blog for the past 10 years, you know I’m very staunchly pro-life. We had 12 years of Bushes, we’ve had both houses of congress. We’ve had a pretty strong majority on the “supreme” court. Guess how much progress we’ve made on our pro-life promises? I’ll give you a hint: it’s zero.

It does not matter who you vote for, because the Supreme Court has taken that issue out of our hands.

We conservative do a really good job of focusing on all the wrong things. We are so upset about “sanctity of marriage” (as if God can’t tell the difference between a legal contract and a Christian marriage), guns, and calling global warming a hoax that we’ve completely lost sight of the fact that we are being horribly screwed by the very people we are electing. We love to interfere in other countries. Saddam is a bad guy who is killing Kurds and invading Kuwait. That’s terrible, but we didn’t go in because he was hurting Kurds. We went in because he was jeopardizing our cheap oil. Do you remember the Rwandan genocide? We didn’t do squat because they don’t have anything we want. Every single war we’ve been involved in during the last 30 years has been financially driven. And let me tell you who loves it. Lockheed. Northrop Grumman. GE. Raytheon.

We are a country that is so delusional that we believe “God is on our side” and “We are constantly helping all of these helpless other countries.” Bull. We are doing whatever benefits us financially, nothing more. Neither party has any desire to change anything, because elections are expensive and corporations have deep pockets.

If we want to have the slightest chance of making our country great again, the first thing we have to do is level the playing field. We have to get money out of politics. We have to get out of our incessant policing of the rest of the world and start worrying about our own problems. We have homeless, we have hungry kids, we have sick people going bankrupt, we have a true jobless rate that is much higher than official unemployment. We have a broken system.

The American Dream is dead. You cannot be anything you want to be. You cannot pull yourself up by your bootstraps. You can only be part of a revolution. Not a revolution of violence. A revolution of ideas. Stop believing what these lying crooks on both sides of the political aisle are feeding you. It’s all about the money.

Sandy Hook

Three days ago, a crazed 20 year old shot his way into an elementary school and killed 20 kindergartners and 7 adults. The country has been left reeling, trying to make sense of why someone would do such a thing. It feels worse than other school shootings because these children were so young. It doesn’t make sense – not to any rational person. We will never know this coward’s motivation. What we do know is that he spent enough time planning it to gather a bunch of guns, kill the only person who could have stopped him (his mother) and then drive to a place where he had previously had confrontations with staff – Sandy Hook Elementary.

This was clearly premeditated. Most states have laws on the books that make punishments more lenient on people when they commit a crime of passion (i.e. man walks in on his wife with another man in the bed, man freaks out and kills the other guy, or the wife, or both). It’s something done in the moment out of intense anger and sadness, not done with any planning. This school shooting can in no way be justified or said to be a fit of rage. From everything we know so far, there was no emotion whatsoever. Just methodical execution of helpless little kids.

The perpetrator of this crime was too much of a coward to face the consequences for his crimes, so we will never get to ask him what his motivations were. I’m positive we would not be satisfied with the answers even if we knew them. Of course, any time this type of massacre happens, the national debate always turns immediately to gun control. It’s really a distraction from the real issue, but apparently it’s a knee-jerk reaction. Guns do kill innocent people when they’re in the hand of a nut. But the nut is the one pulling the trigger. Ban guns and all of the “responsible” citizens will forfeit their guns. The nuts and bad guys won’t.

There are over 300 million guns already in the hands of citizens in the United States. It’s a genie you can never put back into the bottle. Regardless your views on guns, it’s a moot point. Even if 80% of the citizens turned in their guns (almost 100% of which are unregistered because most states don’t require registration), you’d still have tens of millions of guns available on the black market. We don’t live in a country where the feds are going to go door-to-door searching for guns. And we don’t WANT to live in that country. Think about how well banning alcohol went. Drugs. We already have all the laws on the books we could ever need. It’s illegal to carry a gun or any weapon into a school. It’s illegal to kill people. It’s illegal to shoot people. It’s illegal to assault people. It’s illegal to buy a gun if you have a history of mental illness or a felony conviction. We don’t need more laws.

We need to find a way to treat and or lock up sadistic mentally ill sociopaths BEFORE they commit a crime. I’m sure my more liberal friends will object to that thought. But really, look at this guy. His mother knew he was dangerous. His neighbors, classmates, acquaintances all knew he was “creepy,” “scary,” and “dangerous.” But we literally don’t have any options as to preventing him from committing this crime. It’s not difficult for a trained psychologist to diagnose a sociopath. His family knew. Everyone seemed to know. So why, knowing that someone is a sadistic nut would we NOT do something, proactively, to limit the damage they can do? I personally know a guy that is a sadistic (if not evil) sociopath. Is there anything I can do PRIOR to him shooting up a school? Or is that the only litmus test we are willing to accept for criminal insanity?

I sat across from a man at my previous job who laughed hysterically about Columbine and how all of those kids had it coming. Would I be surprised if he shot up a school? Not really. Since we clearly have no intention of being proactive about mental health – and yes – to be proactive we MUST include involuntary commitment, the only recourse we have as a society is to protect our schools, malls, churches, movie theaters, and other public places.

I hate big government, but regardless, here is what I propose. Metal detectors in EVERY school regardless of age range. Armed off-duty police officers at EVERY school with instructions to shoot first and ask questions later. Total lockdown of our schools, every day, all day. Parents will be given an access card AND a code that must be entered to get into the school, and even parents with their card and code must go through security. Do we care enough to protect our children? The coming weeks will test our collective will to do just that.

A Compassionate Conservative’s Perspective

Democrats and Liberals accuse Republicans of being heartless corporate goons…. constantly. Republicans are seen as heartless because they generally oppose government-run social welfare programs. In fact, Republicans generally oppose government-run anything. I am personally ashamed of the Bush years. Ashamed enough I changed party affiliations to become a Libertarian. Bush 1 and 2 did not behave as real, conservative Republicans. They spent money like they were printing it in the basement (which they were) and spent it on things I disagreed with, like the war in Iraq.

I bet you never expected a conservative to say they were opposed to the war in Iraq! Well, I was, and I vocalized that opinion on this very blog throughout the Bush years. My basic premise for my political ideology is that of Thomas Jefferson, who preached small government and the power of the individual. America was founded to escape a government run amok. I could spend hours posting thousands of quotes from the founding fathers that would illustrate this point, but frankly, I think all of you, liberals included, know that those statements are true.

Progressive liberals believe that the Constitution should evolve with the times. I’m a strict constructionist, and I’m not ashamed of that. I hold no ill will towards liberals or progressives – I firmly believe that all of us want the same thing – a strong America. However, our methods do not agree. Idealist notions for governments have never turned out well, except for the American construct of personal liberty and freedom from government intervention. The Constitution wasn’t written to promise every American happiness – just the pursuit thereof. The problem with socialist ideals is that greed will ultimately be the demise of those systems. That’s why capitalism is the perfect model for success – it harnesses greed rather than pretending greed doesn’t exist. Now, onto the topic of the day – Obamacare. As you all know, it was passed yesterday by a narrow margin. The Democrats bought the votes they needed to get over the hump. They literally bought Stupach’s vote by giving him three airports in Michigan. You really can’t make this stuff up. And fine – that’s how Washington works.

However, it should be disconcerting to us all that in addition to all of the Republicans opposition, 34 Democrats also opposed. How they got the vote really doesn’t matter at this point. I’m sure the political pressure being exerted on their own party members was unbearable. What does matter is the bill itself. I have not read the entire thing. It’s 2,600 pages… I’m pretty sure none of the people who voted for the bill had read it in it’s entirety, either. There are some elements of the bill that are decent enough ideas. Having a safety net for those who can’t get insurance by traditional means isn’t a terrible idea. It’s just a terrible idea to have the government administer it.

When has the federal government ever handled something efficiently? I’ll wait while you think. Of course that’s a rhetorical question because by the nature of government, efficiency is an impossibility. Government has no incentive to be efficient like the private sector does. If the government has stupid bureaucracy, they simply throw more (of our) money at it. The private sector is constrained by competition, budgets, and profit margins. The bill will theoretically cover 32 million Americans that were previously uninsured. On the face of it, that sounds stupendous. The trials of a person who cannot get insurance due to a prior condition should trouble any American. However, those people are a minority of the 32 million uninsured. At least 20 million of those people who previously chose not to have insurance, even though they could have had it. Those are people like me – when I first started in the workforce at 17, I didn’t carry insurance. I was healthy and headstrong. If someone had told me I HAD to have insurance, I would have had to sacrifice paying my tuition… The new bill requires people to carry coverage.

Again, in theory, a good idea. It takes a burden off of emergency rooms (in theory) much like forcing people to carry car insurance spreads the cost around. The difference is, living isn’t a privilege. Driving is. If you don’t want to buy car insurance, you can simply take the bus. The same choice will not exist for healthcare. And I really though America was about making decisions for yourself. Where were the “get your laws off my body” feminists in all of this? Does that only apply to abortion? Now their laws are all over EVERY part of your body, ladies. There will be a fine on companies that choose not to carry insurance plans for their employees. Now – I may have been born at night, but I know one thing that is certain… companies will do whatever helps their bottom line the most. Period. If the fine is cheaper than carrying insurance, well folks, say goodbye to your corporate group plan, you’ll be getting dropped and you’ll end up with Gubment insurance. That’s simply a fact. Do the math.

If the insurance cost is 12% and the fine is 7%, the company would actually be stupid not to drop coverage. Obamacare is perfectly designed to get a majority of Americans ultimately switched over to it. I suppose that’s what the Democrats want – but is that what YOU want? Sure you can “keep your current coverage” as they keep claiming… but only as long as your company keeps it. The companies will make their profits. If they have to cut your insurance or lay you off to do so, then you can count on it. Corporations aren’t evil. Corporations are made up of, well, Americans. I work for a corporation, don’t you? I have a vested interest in my corporation making a profit. You do to.

Big corporations are also made up of Americans. Sure, there are some corrupt rich bastards at the top, but I’m PRETTY EFFING SURE that’s true of the government, too. My biggest problem with Obamacare is that it didn’t address the two main problems with insurance and healthcare costs in America. The first is tort reform. Say Joe the Plumber goes in for surgery and the doctor accidentally renders him unable to work. Now, let’s say that Joe the Plumber’s lifetime earnings potential was 2 million dollars (being generous). And let’s say that Joe the Plumber will need a million dollars worth of health care related to the malpractice. That’s a total of 3 million dollars.

But Joe the Plumber can sue for 300 million dollars, and the insurance will end up settling for 50 million dollars. 50 million dollars has to come from somewhere, and the place it comes from is raised malpractice insurance premiums, and that money has to come from somewhere, so the cost of medical care goes up. We’re literally paying for outrageous pain and suffering settlements every time we go to the doctor. Obamacare doesn’t address it, probably due to the fact that Obama and most of Washington is made up of tort lawyers. The second thing Obamacare doesn’t address is that it doesn’t allow insurance companies to comPete across state lines. It’s completely un-American and retarded that we don’t allow insurance companies to comPete. Think about utilities like TV service. Those are also government regulated.

In my neighborhood, I had two choices when I moved in – Comcast cable, or Dish Network. I picked Comcast because I sometimes like to watch TV even when there are clouds. Comcast had no direct competition and their prices reflected that. Then, AT&T Uverse moved into the neighborhood by using a loophole to the government regulation. They offered better service for half the price. I switched. Now guess what – Comcast lowered their prices. Like magic, the free market made my cable cheaper. Now imagine if ANY cable provider could offer me service! The same concept is true of health insurance. Competition ALWAYS lowers prices. Always. Always. Always. So why doesn’t Obamacare provide for this? Well, because Obamacare is about keeping the most people possible on the government dole, because that’s effectively like buying votes. I titled this article “A Compassionate Conservative Perspective” and so far I haven’t really addressed the compassion element head-on.

I’m a pragmatist, and I acknowledge that there are a small minority of people who fall through the cracks. People who have preexisting conditions, or that are simply too poor to afford decent coverage. And not only do I acknowledge the problem, I strongly believe we as a society have a responsibility to provide a safety net for these people. America is the most generous (by far) nation in the entire history of the world. We aren’t mandated by the government to be generous… we’re generous because it’s part of the fabric of our society, originally as a result of the Christian influence in the founding. And please people, don’t argue with me that Christianity had nothing to do with the founding, because

I will simply write you off as ignorant if you do. My point being, government shouldn’t be running things, they should be governing. That means creating incentives for people to do what people naturally want to do. Creating better tax incentives to give to charity. Incenting charities to BE the safety net for the uninsured. There’s a chicken and egg problem going on right now – people are taxed at such a high rate, they don’t have as much money to put towards charity. If the government cut out their involvement in some of the more egregious areas of their existence, they could really incent people to give. And America WOULD give, if given the chance.

It’s a better idea because private sector companies and charities will always find better ways of doing things than the government, because unlike the government, they can’t just print more money or borrow from China. They find better ways out of necessity. The government has no such motivation. There’s currently only one sector growing in America – the government. It’s virtually ensuring that unemployment will stay this bad or get worse. That’s not compassion… that’s idealism getting in the way of actual thought. As Americans, we have a duty to help our fellow man, but we also have a duty to stand in defiance of a government that seeks to dictate rather than govern.

A majority of Americans opposed Obamacare, yet it was passed against our will. Oh, I forgot to mention – the bill that passed does force taxpayer money to pay for abortions. I’m sure some of you think that’s fine, but I’ll bet there isn’t one Christian/Catholic person in the country who isn’t sickened by that thought. As Thomas Jefferson so wisely said, “A government big enough to give you everything you need is big enough to take everything you have.”

Pro Life for Dummies

I’ve thought of a new way to describe my view on abortion that is so easy to understand, even morons will get the point. That said, I am not trying to change your mind if you’re pro-choice… just stating my opinion and the pro-life position in a new way. If a majority of people said that killing someone that annoyed them was ok, it should be made legal.

That’s how democracy works. Because let’s face it, there are a lot of people that are a pain in my butt, and I sure wish they were dead. It would be great if I could kill them without having to be punished. Well, what if we decided it was unconstitutional to tell people they don’t have the right to kill annoying people, and then later we discover that only 27% of Americans believe I should be able to do it? Should the law be changed? Or should we keep it legal because “the government has no right to legislate my decision process.”?

Okay, that argument all sounds really ridiculous to any logical person. It’s ridiculous because it ignores the rights of the other person. Of course it’s ok to legislate people’s decisions if the decision they make is a crime. That’s why we have a legal system. That is EXACTLY how ridiculous I think legal abortion is… I believe that the “fetus” is a human being, deserving of life, liberty, and equality under the law, and no one… not even your mother, is allowed to kill you. She might be allowed to beat the crap out of you and lock you in a closet for days at a time (hi mom) but, not actually KILL you.

When you put the argument into terms of one adult killing another adult, it points out the ludicrosity (is that a word?) of each and every defense of legalized abortion… Think about every argument you can come up with that abortion should be legal. Now, everywhere you would use the word “fetus” insert “Billy Joel” and see how legal you think it should be. (Insert someone else if you hate Billy Joel.) Of course, in order for you to agree with me, you’d have to agree that a “fetus” is a human being. If you don’t believe that, then your argument to keep abortion legal, although I completely disagree… is at least totally logical, which I can respect.

Please, if you’re pro-choice… please tell me this is why, not that “we shouldn’t make people’s decisions for them” crap. We legislate people’s right to choose all sorts of things… you can choose to rob, murder, rape, etc., and if you do there are consequences. If however, you DO believe that a “fetus” is a human being, and you STILL think abortion should be legal… that makes no more logical sense than my suggestion that we kill people that annoy us. Saying we shouldn’t legislate people’s right to choose their own way is not a logical argument, either, if the “fetus” a human being.

The entire pro-life opinion hinges on the idea that human life begins at conception. If you can prove to me scientifically that a fetus IS NOT a human life, or you can prove to me a SPECIFIC time when it changes from being a “fetus” to being a “human life” then I will gladly change my position. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do it, because it just isn’t the case. The only leg pro-choicers ever had to stand on was the viability argument, and the more advances we make in science, the earlier viability takes place.

Now, despite the scientific realities, the far left has insisted on indoctrinating people that it is in fact the truth. They have to, because without that fact, they are self-proclaimed baby killers. The concept that the argument is about a “right to choose” is just smoke and mirrors used to distract from the real issue. Everyone has free will, and thus CAN choose to do whatever the heck they want. HOWEVER, society has a right to impose consequences on people that CHOOSE to do something that is wrong, which killing a baby most certainly is. I can go out tomorrow and shoot the first driver that cuts me off. Just because I can choose to do it does not make it right, moral, or just.

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it, homies.

The Right to Hate America

What should we do to people that burn the flag? I’m glad you asked. I love America. I think it’s the greatest invention of the past 10,000 years, and I’m proud to live here. I’m proud that we defend ourselves well, and that we have more freedom than 99% of the people in the world. We the people make the decisions. I have an American flag flying proudly in front of my house, and I would never consider disrespecting it. I’m disgusted when people that have witnessed the amazing freedom and opportunity we have here, and still choose to hate America and it’s values.

That being said… We should thank God we live in a country where free speech is protected by the Constitution. The same amendment that protected civil rights activists, women’s rights activists, pro life & pro choice activists, environmental activists, etc, etc protect people that spit on our country by burning the flag. Our Constitution doesn’t regulate which speech can be “free” and which can’t. The Klan has just as much right to have a protest as civil rights activists. Pro Life activists have the same right to speak their minds that a Planned Parenthood spokesperson does.

If the government began putting in restrictions on one form of free speech, like flag burning, there would be a precedent for repressing free speech. That’s not good for anyone. And, it would completely invalidate the work of 250 years of lawmaking.

Operation Rescue was a radical pro life group that would have “sit-in” protests, where they would chain themselves to the doors of abortion clinics. The police became increasingly violent, and the escalating tension was freaking people out. The group’s leader, Randall Terry, was finally arrested on, I’m not making this up, federal racketeering charges. For those that don’t know, those are the laws that were created to take down the mob. The prosecutors were charging Operation Rescue with being an organized crime ring. And guess what. They got defended by none other than the ACLU.

Yes, the same ACLU that is staunchly pro choice, completely liberal, and totally left of the entire universe. And let me tell you why they defended old Randall Terry. Because if he was convicted, it would mean that ANYone exercising their right to free speech could go to jail for life. It was just a matter of a prosecutor and a judge nutty enough to do it. Randall Terry and his group were guilty of upsetting a lot of people, and even trespassing. But trespassing is a far cry from organized crime.

My point is this. Flag burners are offered the same protection by the Constitution as everyone else. What other country in the world defends the very people that speak hatred against it? That’s what makes America great.

One Punishment Fits All

I was discussing my views on crime and punishment with “Andrea” and decided I needed to share them with the world. First of all, I would like to propose two possible solutions to our rampant crime in America. The first, and probably the simplest, is my “One Punishment Fits All” system. Under this system, all crimes would have the same punishment: Death. How many people do you think would continue to not use their blinker to change lanes if they knew they would be executed if caught? I think that for the first couple of months, there would be a “break-in” period where people got used to the idea.

During the initial break-in, there would be massive amounts of executions, which of course would be televised, or played over the Web. People watching the news would hear the statistics, “Today, 564 traffic law violators were executed by lethal injection…” I guarantee, it wouldn’t take long for people to get the idea.

So, if you kill someone, you die. If you molest someone, you die. If you rob someone, you die. If you cross the street outside of the crosswalk or against the light, you die. It’s brilliantly simple, and I think it deserves a serious look. Now I know that some will oppose my idea for being to “cruel” or “unusual.” But what I say is, if we do it all the time, then it’s “Usual.” It’s just a matter of doing it for a while. As far as cruel goes, yes, it’s cruel to kill someone… it’s also cruel to break the law, and therefore it’s justified.

I have a second alternative, however it presents some difficulties. Under this system, the punishment would be whatever you did, or closely related to what you did. Let me give some examples to help clarify. If you shoot someone, we shoot you. If you stab someone 57 times with a butter knife, we stab you 57 times with a butter knife. If you skin someone alive and eat their liver… you get the idea. If you burn down someone’s house, we burn yours down. If you drive drunk and hurt or maim someone, your family will be put in a car, and a radio-controlled SUV will be smashed into the side of it. Obviously this will require some creativity.

For instance, what do we do with sex offenders? We can’t do to them what they did, because they might like it. I think that public removal of the offending body parts would be a good option, but I’m open to anyone’s suggestions. A difficulty with this system, is that you have to find someone willing to do all of those things to the criminals. I have a feeling that the victims or the victim’s family members would be a good place to start. All in all, I think that the “One Punishment Fits All” system is much more viable, and easier to understand. Anyone who disagrees with me had better have a better, cheaper, fairer option. Otherwise, I don’t want to hear it.

Here’s to the Gipper

The end of an era. Reagan has finally traveled to the great beyond, where I’m sure they use supply-side economics. For those Neo-Keynesians out there, I think that it was very brave to try something different, but I don’t think it really worked. Keynes had all his bases covered until Jimmy Carter managed to really screw things up. Of course, the oil shock of the late 70’s had more to do with the stagflation than Carter did, but you could definitely say that Carter had a hand in it. Reagan was the man that, although he proclaimed a radical new plan through his supply-side and “trickle-down” concepts, did exactly what Keynes himself would have done if he were running the Fed. And it sucked. It sucked for the hundreds of thousands of people that were thrown out of work by the steep interests rates.

Putting the skids on an overheating economy always causes unemployment. This is no surprise, but certainly didn’t make it any easier for those hit by the cuts. But without these drastic steps, the rampant inflation could have quickly turned to hyperinflation, and would have ruined us. But Reagan had a bigger agenda than throwing people out of work. He wasn’t in the business of deficit spending “just for the hell of it.” He had a purpose in his massive spending. The goal, to spend more than Russia. The only way to beat Russia in the Cold War was to build a bigger arsenal than they could afford. And build it he did. Why do you think we marched through Iraq so easily in ’91? It was because of Reagans military buildup. And Reagan’s campaign was successful, and Communist Russia fell.

Of course, it helped that Gorbachev was willing to stand up against the hardliners in his country, but even without him, Reagan would have eventually won his Cold War. I hear so many liberals talking about “why are we spending so much money building up the military, when we have so many poor people in the US?” Well, the answer to that is very simple. It is the government’s responsibility… perhaps only real responsibility, to protect the country from foreign threats. If people here are poor, uneducated, or homeless, it is not because opportunity doesn’t exist. They have either chosen a path which prevents them from succeeding, or haven’t taken the necessary steps to be in a position to succeed.

If someone is poor or homeless because they are an alcoholic, that’s sad. But it’s their fault, not the goverments, and not ours as taxpayers. If someone chose not to go to college, and they can only get a minimum wage job, that’s not our fault either. And don’t tell me that you can’t go to college if you start out poor. Come on, folks. Anyone can go to college. I had a professor that wanted to attend Rochester Institute of Technology. He didn’t have a dime, and didn’t have any experience to get a good job. So he worked fast food, lived underneath someone’s porch, and took out student loans. Now, he is an endowed chair of a department pulling in 120K per year. So don’t tell me that some people don’t have the chance to make good.

I worked 60+ hours a week and went to school at night and on the weekends to get it done. I spent tons of money on tuition, but no one paid for it for me. I didn’t get scholarships, and there was no college fund to pay my way. It’s true that some people have an easier time of it than others, but everyone can do it if they’re willing to make the sacrifices. The truth of the matter is, there are many people that are unwilling to sacrifice the time, money, or other activities they could be doing. So next time you start to feel sorry for someone, ask yourself “Are they struggling because life dealt them an unfair hand, or are they suffering because they would rather blame others than be proactive and do something to improve the situation?”

In my opinion, if the person isn’t trying to help themself, then they don’t deserve my help. This sort of turned into a tirade about social responsibility, when it was supposed to be a tribute to Ronald Reagan. So here’s to the Gipper, the man who won the Cold War, and the man of the century, whether or not Time Magazine has the guts to say so. May we be fortunate enough to have another president with half his character.