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Making America Great Again

And so it is finished. America is doomed. By this time next year, we’ll be killing gays in the streets, subjugating women, and reinstating slavery.


By this time next year, we will have replaced Obamacare, started enforcing our borders, renegotiated NAFTA, fixed the tax system to encourage businesses to, like, keep making stuff here, and maybe even start fixing our law enforcement issues.

It really depends who you ask as to which of those scenarios will take place.

I get it, I really do. Donald Trump says a lot of mean things. He even says perverted things (or at least “a” thing). He’s made questionable business decisions. He’s bullied other companies into doing things the way he wanted at the price he wanted.

The thing that’s puzzling about the left’s complete and utter meltdown has been that Trump spent most of his life as a Democrat, and is by far the most progressive candidate ever put up by the Republicans. He is much closer to Bill Clinton (both in policy and in his dealings with women) than to Bush or Reagan.

The meltdown is because Hillary was a woman. It was her time to smash the glass ceiling. And us uneducated redneck racist sexist homophobic morons in the red states stole it from her because she was a woman and obviously we all hate women.

Except that in addition to being a woman, she was an ULTRA left wing, abortion-loving, tax-loving, small business crushing likely criminal and possible traitor who thought she deserved to win. So much that she and the DNC literally rigged the primaries with vote flipping and all sorts of nefarious shenanigans, which actually stole the election from ANOTHER WHITE MALE, Bernie Sanders.

I will never defend Trump joking about grabbing women. I won’t defend him making fun of a disabled reporter (who incidentally was being a jerk to Trump). I don’t BELIEVE that he said Mexicans ARE rapists. I heard the speech, and he said “They’re sending their criminals, their rapists.” We can agree to disagree on that.

But Trump understands what almost everyone in the middle part of the country understands – WE MUST STOP SINGING THE FALSE SONG OF GLOBALISM. Soros has been pulling our strings long enough. We don’t need to bow to other countries to our own detriment. Trump is right that NAFTA has been a disaster for the working class of America. Trump is right that we need jobs HERE, not bombs to drop on Syria.

The reason 60M people voted for Donald Trump is twofold: Hillary is an evil war hawk who hates the unborn. And two, Donald Trump wants to put America first… all citizens of America. I reject the notion that people here who didn’t go through legal channels should have consideration.

Time will tell how he governs, but we can be certain of one thing – it will not be the status quo.

Supporting Trump Isn’t Racist or Sexist

Today it seems that if you support Donald Trump (for whatever reason), you are automatically deemed a racist, sexist, xenophobic redneck idiot. As someone who supports Trump and DOESN’T hate minorities or women, I find this disturbing. I also don’t care for the label of “idiot” but at least with that one, you can consider the source.

Hillary Clinton represents everything that is wrong with American politics. She is beholden to special interests, particularly foreign ones, and also seems to be a pretty mean-spirited, war-mongering hack.

Here are some of the things the current political system has gotten us (regardless who had power):

  1. Endless “police actions” (read: WARS) throughout the world wherever we have financial interests, but not where we don’t
  2. An elite class of people/corporations who can buy whatever power or influence they want, by legally bribing candidates
  3. A completely retarded healthcare/insurance system that is even more screwed up than when it was run by greedy corporations
  4. Literally anyone can cross the borders into the US without so much as a glance. I accidentally crossed into Canada from Maine and probably would not have even been noticed until I reached Montreal
  5. Political correctness has devolved into “you can have free speech unless it hurts my feelings”

These are just a smattering of the things that are wrong with the system, and they are the tip of the iceberg. The country is going to hell in a handbasket, and we just keep on bringing back the same asshats who give themselves raises and better insurance while passing laws that restrict and bankrupt the rest of us.

God help you if you’re in the middle class. You get to pay for all of the social programs AND you get to pay to prop up the corporations taking advantage of every loophole that 60 years of lobbying can get you.

Donald Trump is a blowhard. He speaks many times without thinking. I think we can all agree on that.

Here’s what Donald Trump isn’t: He’s not a racist or a sexist. He has married, promoted, hired, and supported more people of color, people from other countries, and women than any other major executive you could name. AND if you look at wage disparity, Trump kicks Hillary’s ever-lovin’ rear end all over town. She’s not even paying her own campaign staff equitably between male and female. He famously said that women should make what men make if they do the same job as a man at the same level. Hillary tried to turn that into a sexist comment. Really??

Trump famously wants to close the borders. For that, he’s called a xenophobe and a racist. But if you ask any family that immigrated here legally, they are with Trump. There’s a right way to do it. We can argue about how easy it should be, but there shouldn’t just be a “come on in whoever you are” sign at the border. We need to know who is here. That’s not racist. That’s what it means to be a sovereign nation.

He famously said “they aren’t sending their best, they’re sending their criminals, their rapists.” The media immediately changed “their” to “they’re” in their reports so they could claim Trump thinks all illegal immigrants are rapists. Asinine.

Trump wants us to return to American exceptionalism. He wants us to bring the jobs back here. He wants to protect the borders and get out of the phony-baloney wars that we’ve inserted ourselves into all over the world – a practice which has directly resulted in 100’s of thousands of deaths, a fair amount of which were civilians and children. Trump says what he thinks. No focus groups, no lying, no special interests.

If we get Hillary, we get 4 more years of the same stuff – except this time with an untrustworthy, warmongering, Wall Street and Saudi beholden shill. We conservatives will be longing for Obama by the time she’s done.

If you want to say I’m an idiot for supporting Trump, feel free. But don’t you dare tell me I’m a racist or a sexist or throw your ridiculous social justice politically correct BS at me. Ad Hominem arguments are a pointless waste of time.

Old People are like Old Dogs

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about age is that as age increases, ability to comprehend things goes down drastically. Find me a 6 year old that can’t download and install a computer program. I’ll wait. You couldn’t find one, could you? That’s because downloading and installing a computer program is among the simplest tasks known to man. I could train my dog to do it, and she hasn’t even learned to poop outside yet.

Now, find me a 55 year old that CAN download and install a computer program. Once again, I’ll wait. So you found one that claims to be able to? Go ahead, let them install a program on your computer. I’ll wait. Alright, now that you’ve located a new computer to finish reading, let’s continue. The 55+ year old broke your computer.

Meanwhile the 6 year old has uninstalled their program because they didn’t like it and have found a better program using a Google search and have successfully installed it. Let me give you a small sampling of the questions I’ve been asked (repeatedly) the past 90 days: “How do I change the font color in my email?” “Should I update Windows when it tells me it has a critical update?” “My computer won’t update, will you come and do it for me?” “The fax machine isn’t working” (HINT: The phone line has been out since April….) “I’m trying to buy something online but I can’t get it to work” (HINT: Try filling out the requested information and hitting “submit”) “Can you just print out all of my email for me?” (HINT: NO) “I can’t get this Internet video to play” (HINT: Try clicking the FLASHING BAR at the top of your browser that says “In order to play this content, you need to install….”) “The fax machine isn’t working” (No kidding, moron) “How do I change the font size in my email?” (HINT: Very similarly to the way you change the color) “How do I change the font color in my email?” And this goes on and on for weeks until I’m ready to eat the business end of a shotgun.

The questions are stupid, but the repetition is maddening. And every single variation is a NEW question… they are incapable of inferring anything from a previous question. So all of these are NEW questions to them: “How do I change the font color” “How do I change the font size” “How do I bold words” “How do I italicize words?” “How do I unbold words?” “How do I underline words?” By the time I make it through every conceivable formatting option, they’ve forgotten the early ones and we start all over again.

I am a 33 year old MBA with multiple certifications, patents, awards – and I’m telling people how to change font attributes in their email, nearly on a full-time basis. And people wonder why my hair fell out. You know how many strange computer things I learned in school? Zero. You know how many things I figured out by Googling and/or buying a book? All of them.

Why is it that old people can’t Google their problem or buy a book and figure crap out?

Managing the Bottom 5%

I really hate rules. I hate rules because I’m a rule-follower. I’m a peacemaker. If someone is rude to me, I am not rude back. If the sign says “no trespassing”, I stay out. I don’t know if it was my religious upbringing, apathy, or just brainwashing, but I have never even wanted to break the rules.

BUT. I hate unnecessary rules, of which there are eleventy jillion. Ninety five percent of people don’t need the rules because they aren’t the problem in the first place. Rules are made to try and control the five percent of people who have total disregard for the rules. Ironically, these are the same 5% that will ignore the rules designed to manage them. What we end up with is a society where 95% of the people are following retarded rules created for the 5%.

That’s why there are roughly 100 quadrillion laws, regulations, and ordinances in the United States. If you wanted to follow every one of them, there’s no way you could even figure out what they are from city to city. I resent rules that are made for other people but that affect my life. Joe at the office who takes advantage of having no set lunch hour by taking 2 hours every day. What happens? Well, rather than deal with Joe, managers just make a rule for everyone – “lunch is from 12 to 1 PM.” Well that’s just great. Joe ruined it for the rest of us. And while the rest of us are taking our lunch from 12 to 1, Joe is undoubtedly still attempting to push the boundaries.

We have gun laws to prevent criminals from carrying weapons into a building and shooting people. Unfortunately, the only people that follow the gun laws are the people who weren’t going to do that in the first place. We take the guns out of the hands of the good guys and let the bad guys keep being bad. Great plan.

You think of a rule, and I’ll tell you why it shouldn’t exist. Maybe I’m a libertarian after all.

Rich People SHOULD Run Everything

I’m not just being inflammatory. I can even defend my position from several different perspectives. The top 50% of income earners pay more than 96% of the total income taxes in the US. The number of “rich” who also find ways to legally dodge their tax obligations also dropped to less than a tenth of 1% from it’s high of… three tenths of 1%. The fact is, a vast majority of people middle class and above pay their taxes, and the top income-earners pay the biggest portion of the entire take the US steals each year.

People earning just $108,000 per year (not really rich by any modern definition) pay 71% of ALL taxes paid in the US. Think about how nuts that is. By comparison, the bottom 50% of Americans pay an average of 2.99%. So to reiterate, the top 1% in the US pay 40% of all taxes while the bottom 50% of taxpayers pay less than 3%. If we’re going to have a progressive tax system, then by all means we should also have a progressive voting system. Why should a guy who pays nothing, or a few hundred dollars a year, get the same amount of voting power as the guy who pays 39% amounting to tens of thousands per year.

Keep in mind as you read this, I paid over $20,000 in taxes each of the last two years, just to the feds, and I am NOT rich. I don’t really like the idea that the guy that lives next door to me pays $400 a year in taxes and I pay $20,000. And his vote cancels mine out. The left talks about fairness, but there’s nothing fair about that… Now, let’s leave aside the topic of taxes for a moment. Do we want people who can’t even manage their own lives enough to make money running the country? Or do we want people who know how to make things happen running the country.

I’d take Bill Gates for President long before I’d take Joe Sixpack who digs ditches for a living. Isn’t that just logical? Or am I biased because I’m so “rich”? But Pete, you’re saying… how can we let some entitled brats whose daddy made a lot of money be in charge of things. Most people didn’t earn their wealth, right? Wrong. Of people with at least $500,000 in free capital (cash they can do anything with), 69% earned the money themselves, while only 6% inherited it. Chew on that for a minute. Does that dash your closely held beliefs? I hope so.

Some people are poor (or not rich) because of well-thought-out plans, like working for a non-profit or staying at home to raise children. Most people that aren’t rich, however, aren’t rich because they are unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary to make a lot of money. Right or wrong, that’s reality. Small businesses account for 64% of all jobs added in the last 15 years. Small businesses are mostly considered pass-through entities. In other words, if the company makes $250,000, by default, the owner is considered “rich” by the Obama administration.

In reality, if a small business makes $250,000, they are going to add jobs, buy needed equipment, etc. I’ve never seen a rich small business owner. Ever. Warren Buffet thinks the rich should pay higher income taxes. Not surprising since he only takes a 1$ a year salary. He earns all of his money from investments… and that tax rate isn’t changing. Before you believe what you hear… check it out. Chances are “rich” people aren’t really supportive of higher taxes for themselves. That would just be… …Stupid.

Why Church Often Sucks

Churches are a strange hybrid of a not-for-profit and a business. They have to have money to survive, so they develop a marketing strategy and then try to put butts in the seats. To most churches, people are “giving units”. In America, church has become more of a social experience than a faith experience. We show up for an hour, drink our cappuccino, listen to the music, and head on our way. We might chit chat with a few people on the way out the door, but that’s really the entire experience. Those are the lucky people. Then there are those that volunteer. They are usually the real victims of church.

Churches notoriously don’t know how to manage volunteers. They refuse to use basic business tactics even though the most successful churches have a CEO, not a pastor. Look at any megachurch and I will show you a pastor that runs things like a CEO. It has its drawbacks, but it does keep volunteers happy. Pastor as dictator is much more common. Or the Pastor and his Board of Directors (read: buddies) dictate everything. Lots of time and attention are spent giving lip service to inclusion. Everyone has a voice, everyone’s opinion counts. But that isn’t really the case.

Decisions are made long before the process of “involvement” begins. It’s more a process of informing and attempting to convince. Those who don’t like the decision that’s handed down are considered bad people, because obviously any choice that the pastor and/or his board makes are handed down from God. Thus, it MUST be the right decision. I attended a church for many years, which we’ll call Our Lady of Eternal Damnation. The pastor of the church arbitrarily announced that we needed a bigger building and that we’d be buying the adjacent property.

God said, so who were we to disagree. He collected six figures from the sheep, and then the land owner told him no way dude. Fortunately for the pastor, God changed his mind and decided we were instead supposed to use the money to build a Cracker Barrel restaurant next to the city dump. I WISH I was making this up, but sadly I’m not. Long story short, the Cracker Barrel plan was thwarted by the city and ultimately God changed his mind once again and told the pastor to swap buildings with another church a few miles away. So basically people were defrauded out of their money which was then put towards other uses. That’s a common story.

God tells pastors to do something and then changes his mind. I’d dare say it’s more likely that the pastor is having a midlife crisis than God changing his mind, but who am I to say… I’m not in “full time ministry.” If someone in business were to do the same thing, they’d be thrown in prison for swindling people. Anyhow, I’ve derailed. Back to leading volunteers. Volunteers generally WANT to be involved and do some good. Generally speaking they have other commitments as well, like jobs, families, etc. They don’t look for pay, perks, or other compensation. In fact, the only thing that volunteers really want is to be appreciated.

Much like employees… They’re like employees who ACTUALLY CARE about what they’re doing. So of course, volunteers are not appreciated. More often, they are nitpicked, berated, and told they aren’t doing a good enough job. When they are complimented, it’s usually lip service – a ploy to either get more out of them or to blow smoke up their ass so they won’t see the hammer coming. Standards for volunteers are completely arbitrary and at the whim of paid church staff, who usually have as much experience leading people as a titmouse. They majored in “ministry” instead of business, where they learned to hold people to a “higher standard.” Higher than what, you ask? Well, I assume they mean higher than Jesus since that’s how it usually plays out.

I’ve worked in business since I was 18, and in management since I was 23. I’ve never been treated as badly in business as I have been in church over the course of the last 12 years. Truly it’s a sad state of affairs when people in business show more respect and kindness than people who claim to be representing Christianity that teaches us to “Do Right, Walk Humbly, and Love Mercy.” Usually that gets translated to “do what I say, I’m better than you, and if you don’t do it my way I’ll drive you out.” My volunteering at churches goes back to my childhood when my dad was a pastor. I can honestly say I’ve never given less than 100%. I work hard, practice hard, show up when I don’t want to, do tasks no one else wants to do… if I was an employee I’d be getting a fat bonus. Instead, since I choose to volunteer in church, I get used up and thrown away. All churches may not be created equal, but sometimes it seems that way.

Now that I’ve ranted, how about the solution: <strong>How to Properly Run a Church Program</strong>

1. Encourage and build up volunteers regularly, and actually mean it.

2. On the flip side, don’t say things you don’t believe just to be nice.

3. Don’t make unreasonable demands (remember by definition volunteers have outside employment – some of us have 7 jobs).

4. Don’t make decisions “on high” and pass them down on stone tablets… you aren’t Moses. Ask for input. Collaboration is key, not just convincing.

5. Work on problems as they come up, don’t wait then smash it with a sledge hammer unless you like replacing people often.

6. Don’t allow staff to act like dictator of the universe. Little Hitlers need to be crushed.

7. Don’t be condescending or try and demean someone subtly. If they deserve demeaning, do it face to face, open and honest.

8. Never correct or make tough comments in public. Not only is it mean, it’s not even Biblical.

9. Spend time building up your relationship with your volunteers. When tough times come, the tighter the group, the easier to stay together.

10. NEVER have the attitude of “If they don’t like the changes they can leave… we don’t want them if they don’t like it.” WOW. Talk about an arrogant, heartless approach. I can tell you from many years of business, if people don’t like your changes, it’s for one of two reasons: 1) The changes are bad and you’re simply dense or 2) You suck at communicating the changes to your people. Never in all my years has the problem been the people being subjected to the change. If people are walking out, look in the mirror, not at them.

People Who Defend Abortion are Mentally Retarded

They must be, because they deny the facts and insist on using confused logic as their arguments. What are the major arguments defending abortion, let’s see…

1. A baby shouldn’t have to have a crappy parent that doesn’t want them.

2. If we make it illegal, abortion will be more dangerous (not to the fetus – it’s just as dangerous for them either way).

3. It’s a parasite and the woman should have the right to kill it until it’s “viable”.

4. “It’s my body” and you should piss off. (The age old cry of the feminazi)

5. And my favorite non-argument “You’re a man, so your opinion is meaningless. If you look at those arguments objectively, you’d quickly realize that each one is faulty on its face.

A. Since when do we kill someone so they won’t have a crappy life (Terry Schiavo being an obvious exception). Lots of people have crappy lives, and I’d venture to say that almost all of them are happy they weren’t aborted. And “overpopulation” is another follow-on argument that’s also bunk, because I have driven across the Midwest and I can assure you, there’s lots of room.

B. Um yes. If we make it illegal it will be more dangerous. However, all other forms of murder are illegal and illegal abortion isn’t dangerous AT ALL if you DON’T FRIGGIN HAVE ONE.

C. First of all, you’re retarded. Second of all, you clearly haven’t ever taken a science class. Third of all, you’re retarded. By the same logic, a two year old child is a parasite… they can’t survive on their own. Here’s why you’re retarded. “Fetus” has it’s own unique DNA, it’s own blood type which does not mix with the mother’s, it has it’s own heartbeat (22 days after conception) and brainwaves, and since it’s DNA is unique AND human, by definition, it’s a FRICKING UNIQUE HUMAN BEING. If you cling to the idea that it’s part of your body, you’re simply being selfish and irrational. There’s no other explanation because science and logic completely refute this argument. We’re literally within years of being able to grow a baby completely in a lab… women as an incubator won’t always be necessary. What then, viability nuts?

D. Your body is your body, and the baby’s body is the baby’s body. We’ll piss off from messing with your body if you piss off and leave your baby alone.

E. So since I’m a man, can I not have an opinion on whether a woman can legally kill someone? This argument is just a deflection because the women who defend abortion can’t allow themselves to ever for once second think it might be a baby. The wheels come off for all the arguments if it is a baby, since society routinely makes it illegal to harm or kill another human being. The entire pro-abortion crowd is dwindling with 72% saying it should only be allowed in the direst of circumstances (which doesn’t include “oops, I’m pregnant”), and that makes me happy. Many that still cling to it are either leftover feminists that helped usher in legal abortion, or they are women who actually had an abortion, and to admit that it’s a baby would be devastating to them. I have nothing but compassion for women that have had an abortion. Many close personal friends have had them. I’m not one of the raving lunatics that holds graphic signs on the street.

But I do completely reject all of the arguments FOR abortion, because in the final analysis, the only thing that matters is a helpless human is being killed in the most painful ways possible, and it’s own mother is allowing it. I can’t think of anything more awful. So to sum up. If you’ve had an abortion in your past for whatever reason, you aren’t mentally retarded. At best you were naive’, and at worst you were selfish, but all have sinned and no one here on Earth can judge you.

If you’re a Christian and you still think abortion should be legal, you need to seriously examine your belief system. By the same token, if you’re a Christian and you’re pro-war, you might have something wrong with your brain. If you’re one of those people that clings to calling the preborn baby a “fetus” (which is latin for ‘little one’) and insists it doesn’t deserve basic human rights, well, you should probably be wearing a helmet and a bib.


Smokers are Stupid and Insecure

How’s that for a provocative title?! Don’t worry, I’ll back up my incendiary title with some logic. If you still smoke given the massive amount of knowledge we have about the health problems derived from smoking, you’re stupid. Stupid because there are at least 50 quit-smoking options that will help you stop. Stupid because you’re knowingly doing something that can cause extremely painful, slow death.

Stupid because if you’re reading here, you’re probably an adult and you can’t blame foolishness of youth. I’d dare say smoking is one of the more stupid things a person can do. It’s THE leading cause of cancer, emphysema, pregnancy complications, and heart disease. Last year I watched a 37 year old man die from emphysema… he had smoked since he was a young teen. I can tell you from being there at the hospital that it was a horrible, painful, slow death. His brain was fully aware of what was happening, but he was helpless.

From the time he checked into the hospital (thinking he’d caught pneumonia) to the time he died was about 5 days. Five days of knowing he was going to die, unable to catch one full breath, in a cold sweat… wishing he could die faster. That’s what smoking does. He seemed perfectly healthy up until the week he died. Sure, he got short of breath when he walked too far, but that seemed normal for a guy who was a smoker. He didn’t think twice about it. Almost everyone knows at least one family member who has died from smoking. Yet here we go, puffing away like idiots.

Sure, nicotine is addictive. Supposedly it’s among the most addictive substances around. But people quit every day. So basically if you say you can’t quit because it’s too addictive, you’re saying that you have less will power than all of those other people who quit. Hmmm.

And why do I say smokers are insecure? Well, the argument could be used to prove insecurity AND stupidity. What smoker ever enjoyed their first cigarette? It doesn’t give you a high or mellow you out. It makes you cough, turn green, and sometimes vomit. Those are not things a smart, secure person repeats just so they can be accepted by the “cool” kids.

A secure person would see other people taking their first drag and turning green, and they’d say “no thanks, I don’t like coughing and barfing.” So if you started smoking in the first place, it means you ignored the disgusting first experience so you could be cool. That makes you insecure and lame. You may have outgrown your insecurity…. but gosh darnit, you’re still smoking, so you still haven’t outgrown your stupidity.

Put down the cigarette, grab a stick of gum, and pray that your lungs can recover from what you’ve done to them.

George Tiller

Many of you disagree with my commentary on the murder of George Tiller. One person even suggested I shared Tiller’s guilt because I wasn’t sad about his death. Although it may be a fine line, I feel that being happy he can’t do what he was doing anymore is a legitimate emotion.

Obviously vigilantism and murder are things I don’t believe are right or moral, but the way pretty much everyone read yesterday’s post was that I was celebrating murder. Alas, they missed my entire point, even when I posted a clarifying comment. My point was that I am filled with joy that so many babies will not be murdered today at his hands. I’m still filled with joy about that fact. The means by which he is no longer killing babies is virtually irrelevant to my feelings. I would have been equally filled with joy had Tiller realized the error of his ways and VOLUNTARILY stopped doing abortions. That result would have been better in almost every way, because it would have showed that even a hardened late-term abortion advocate can listen to his conscience.

The man who murdered Tiller will and should be charged with murder and put in jail. As a society, we can’t allow people to take justice into their own hands. Even if what Tiller was doing WAS illegal, he deserved a jury of his peers to determine his fate. It is not my place, nor is it the murderer’s place to judge this man’s heart or soul. Yeah, I said it. I don’t want any comments today saying “it’s not my place to judge” or “Pete, you’re evil for celebrating murder.” If you read everything I wrote, you can’t come to that conclusion. You might conclude that I’m splitting hairs, and that’s OK.

And frankly, your judgment of me for my emotions isn’t going to change my emotions and it isn’t going to make me stop talking about it. I’m a big boy, and I have no problem taking responsibility for what I say and what I believe. In your comments, be fair (don’t put words in my mouth), and don’t be anonymous. The fact is, when evil men have fallen (either by removal from power, execution, or whatever), the world has rejoiced.

I think if you look back on our country’s own history, you would not find anyone crying over Hitler’s death. What Hitler was doing in Germany was “legal” by their standards, since Hitler basically WAS the law. Yet, Hitler was a mass murdered, and he got exactly what he deserved. (Great, now I’m going to be responsible for killing all the Jews because I said that…) Tiller didn’t kill 6 million babies (at least I don’t think he did), but he was a major advocate for late-term abortion… most called him an activist, and his activism influenced people all over the country.

He personally performed tens of thousands of abortions, and he “specialized” in late-term abortions, where almost without exception the baby was nearly full term and could have lived. When I said yesterday that Tiller reaped what he had sowed, I was indeed quoting scripture, but it’s not entirely accurate. Had Tiller actually reaped what he sowed, he would have either been injected with saline and chemically burned to death, or he would have had his skull cut open and his brains sucked out… all while awake. I’m not saying that for the shock value. I’m saying it because I think proponents of abortion, particularly late-term abortion, somehow delude themselves into either thinking it’s not a baby, thinking the baby can’t feel anything, or thinking that it’s “necessary” for some reason.

However, all modern science agrees that babies past 8-12 weeks DO feel pain. “A Realtime ultrasound video tape and movie of a 12- week suction abortion is commercially available as, The Silent Scream, narrated by Dr. B. Nathanson, a former abortionist. It dramatically, but factually, shows the pre-born baby dodging the suction instrument time after time, while its heartbeat doubles in rate. When finally caught, its body being dismembered, the baby’s mouth clearly opens wide — hence, the title.”

Only the thalamus is needed to feel pain, and the thalamus develops at around 8 weeks. That’s irrefutable science. By the third trimester, the entire brain is developed, and the baby (“fetus”) will feel everything that YOU would feel if someone sucked your brains out while you were awake. “Far from being less able to feel pain, such premature newborns [as are killed by partial-birth abortion] may be more sensitive to pain”…that babies under 30 weeks have a “newly established pain system that is raw and unmodified at this tender age.” P. Ranalli, Neuro. Dept., Univ. of Toronto.

Can I be happy that Tiller is no longer doing what he was doing without condoning his murder? I think so, and if you’re not capable of having complex emotions and beliefs, I am sorry to confuse you with the facts.

Quit Being Environmental Sissies

Regardless what your beliefs on global warming happen to be, I submit that it doesn’t matter. If we’re causing global warming, it’s going to happen. If it’s an inevitable climate cycle, it’s going to happen. If it’s being caused by Al Gore’s jet, it’s going to happen. We (the human race) do not have the will nor the desire to make it stop (assuming we’re causing it).

Even if America goes back to riding horses and using candles for light, CO2 is going to continue to rise because other less concerned countries will build more (and dirtier) coal plants than we ever could have dreamed. China, India, Russia – these people don’t care about global warming. They are on the cusp of industrial revolution. America got to have theirs, so who are we to judge them for theirs? This article is not intended to advocate any particular school of thought on what is causing global warming. The fact is, the temperature change is observable science. The polar ice caps appear to be melting. These are things we can see.

Now, back in the 1970s, scientists were warning of an impending ice age because the ice caps were growing too fast. They were proposing all sorts of measures to try and melt them back down to size. You may not remember that, but it’s true. In just 30 years (during which we drastically reduced carbon emissions) scientists have gone from worrying about an ice age to worrying about global flooding from melting ice caps. Clearly the fundamental underlying science is weak. Now I’ll get to my actual point. Forty years ago we put a man on the moon using nothing but tin foil and slide rules. We have nuclear powered submarines that can go underwater for 6 months without resurfacing for any reason, and that can precision nuke 150 cities at once.

We have satellites orbiting the Earth that can beam a signal to a watch-sized GPS on your wrist that can tell you exactly where you are. You can’t tell me that we can’t overcome the consequences of global warming with technology and innovation. The ice caps melt. So what. We know how to build levies, locks, and pumping stations. Just look at New Orleans. We know how to build air conditioning and heating units. We know how to build suits that allow a person to stand in a burning building without getting singed. We know how to build suits that allow a man to walk around in space. There is not outside environment that we couldn’t adapt to work in. If it’s suddenly 150 degrees 24/7, we’ll need good air conditioning, but then, we can also use all that heat to create thermal energy.

If it’s suddenly -50 degrees 24/7, we’ll need good heaters. But we already have people that live at the poles where it’s routinely that cold. If the coasts are suddenly completely swamped, I guess I’ll have some nice beachfront property in Kansas. smile Global warming may result in a need for new technology, mass migration, or other difficult things, but I do not believe that we will allow it to kill us. On the other hand, for the past 5 years, the global temperature trend has been going down… not up. Stop wringing your hands. It will be alright.