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Making America Great Again

And so it is finished. America is doomed. By this time next year, we’ll be killing gays in the streets, subjugating women, and reinstating slavery.


By this time next year, we will have replaced Obamacare, started enforcing our borders, renegotiated NAFTA, fixed the tax system to encourage businesses to, like, keep making stuff here, and maybe even start fixing our law enforcement issues.

It really depends who you ask as to which of those scenarios will take place.

I get it, I really do. Donald Trump says a lot of mean things. He even says perverted things (or at least “a” thing). He’s made questionable business decisions. He’s bullied other companies into doing things the way he wanted at the price he wanted.

The thing that’s puzzling about the left’s complete and utter meltdown has been that Trump spent most of his life as a Democrat, and is by far the most progressive candidate ever put up by the Republicans. He is much closer to Bill Clinton (both in policy and in his dealings with women) than to Bush or Reagan.

The meltdown is because Hillary was a woman. It was her time to smash the glass ceiling. And us uneducated redneck racist sexist homophobic morons in the red states stole it from her because she was a woman and obviously we all hate women.

Except that in addition to being a woman, she was an ULTRA left wing, abortion-loving, tax-loving, small business crushing likely criminal and possible traitor who thought she deserved to win. So much that she and the DNC literally rigged the primaries with vote flipping and all sorts of nefarious shenanigans, which actually stole the election from ANOTHER WHITE MALE, Bernie Sanders.

I will never defend Trump joking about grabbing women. I won’t defend him making fun of a disabled reporter (who incidentally was being a jerk to Trump). I don’t BELIEVE that he said Mexicans ARE rapists. I heard the speech, and he said “They’re sending their criminals, their rapists.” We can agree to disagree on that.

But Trump understands what almost everyone in the middle part of the country understands – WE MUST STOP SINGING THE FALSE SONG OF GLOBALISM. Soros has been pulling our strings long enough. We don’t need to bow to other countries to our own detriment. Trump is right that NAFTA has been a disaster for the working class of America. Trump is right that we need jobs HERE, not bombs to drop on Syria.

The reason 60M people voted for Donald Trump is twofold: Hillary is an evil war hawk who hates the unborn. And two, Donald Trump wants to put America first… all citizens of America. I reject the notion that people here who didn’t go through legal channels should have consideration.

Time will tell how he governs, but we can be certain of one thing – it will not be the status quo.

Supporting Trump Isn’t Racist or Sexist

Today it seems that if you support Donald Trump (for whatever reason), you are automatically deemed a racist, sexist, xenophobic redneck idiot. As someone who supports Trump and DOESN’T hate minorities or women, I find this disturbing. I also don’t care for the label of “idiot” but at least with that one, you can consider the source.

Hillary Clinton represents everything that is wrong with American politics. She is beholden to special interests, particularly foreign ones, and also seems to be a pretty mean-spirited, war-mongering hack.

Here are some of the things the current political system has gotten us (regardless who had power):

  1. Endless “police actions” (read: WARS) throughout the world wherever we have financial interests, but not where we don’t
  2. An elite class of people/corporations who can buy whatever power or influence they want, by legally bribing candidates
  3. A completely retarded healthcare/insurance system that is even more screwed up than when it was run by greedy corporations
  4. Literally anyone can cross the borders into the US without so much as a glance. I accidentally crossed into Canada from Maine and probably would not have even been noticed until I reached Montreal
  5. Political correctness has devolved into “you can have free speech unless it hurts my feelings”

These are just a smattering of the things that are wrong with the system, and they are the tip of the iceberg. The country is going to hell in a handbasket, and we just keep on bringing back the same asshats who give themselves raises and better insurance while passing laws that restrict and bankrupt the rest of us.

God help you if you’re in the middle class. You get to pay for all of the social programs AND you get to pay to prop up the corporations taking advantage of every loophole that 60 years of lobbying can get you.

Donald Trump is a blowhard. He speaks many times without thinking. I think we can all agree on that.

Here’s what Donald Trump isn’t: He’s not a racist or a sexist. He has married, promoted, hired, and supported more people of color, people from other countries, and women than any other major executive you could name. AND if you look at wage disparity, Trump kicks Hillary’s ever-lovin’ rear end all over town. She’s not even paying her own campaign staff equitably between male and female. He famously said that women should make what men make if they do the same job as a man at the same level. Hillary tried to turn that into a sexist comment. Really??

Trump famously wants to close the borders. For that, he’s called a xenophobe and a racist. But if you ask any family that immigrated here legally, they are with Trump. There’s a right way to do it. We can argue about how easy it should be, but there shouldn’t just be a “come on in whoever you are” sign at the border. We need to know who is here. That’s not racist. That’s what it means to be a sovereign nation.

He famously said “they aren’t sending their best, they’re sending their criminals, their rapists.” The media immediately changed “their” to “they’re” in their reports so they could claim Trump thinks all illegal immigrants are rapists. Asinine.

Trump wants us to return to American exceptionalism. He wants us to bring the jobs back here. He wants to protect the borders and get out of the phony-baloney wars that we’ve inserted ourselves into all over the world – a practice which has directly resulted in 100’s of thousands of deaths, a fair amount of which were civilians and children. Trump says what he thinks. No focus groups, no lying, no special interests.

If we get Hillary, we get 4 more years of the same stuff – except this time with an untrustworthy, warmongering, Wall Street and Saudi beholden shill. We conservatives will be longing for Obama by the time she’s done.

If you want to say I’m an idiot for supporting Trump, feel free. But don’t you dare tell me I’m a racist or a sexist or throw your ridiculous social justice politically correct BS at me. Ad Hominem arguments are a pointless waste of time.


I’ve been silent on this topic for a while now. Time to stir the soup.

Trayvon Martin was not the saint he was made out to be in the media. George Zimmerman was not the baby-killing psycho that the media made him out to be.

First off, Trayvon was not a child by any metric except that of legal age of majority. He was for all intents and purposes a man, and was quite the large man at that. He was more than capable of kicking Zimmerman’s butt.

Even the FBI stated that they did not believe the incident was racially motivated. There was clearly profiling, but the FBI’s investigation revealed that it was the attire and activities of Trayvon that attracted Zimmerman’s attention, not his race. Indeed, it has been revealed that Zimmerman’s own prom date was African American, and that he mentored underprivileged black kids in his neighborhood. And let’s also point out the incident in which a police officer beat a black homeless man, and Zimmerman went all the way to the chief of police and then blew the whistle on him for failing to act.

Zimmerman was, on the other hand, a bit of a “hero” complex. Should have let it go and let the cops handle it.

Trayvon meanwhile, was suspended from his high school for fighting and was attempting to get a gun from a buddy.

Initially, the police weren’t even going to charge Zimmerman until the media got involved. That in itself should tell you something.

With regard to “stand your ground” laws, it’s important to note that those laws did not apply to this case, nor did Zimmerman’s defense ever use stand your ground as a defense. That was 100% media manufactured. Once fists were flying, if Zimmerman believed his life was in danger as his head was being smashed off the pavement, the law says meeting that with lethal force is legal.

Picture this scenario: You START a verbal argument with a stranger, say, over a parking space. They tell you to go F yourself and then come at you. At first, you’d maybe try to run away, or maybe you’d fight back. But at some point, maybe your attacker has you down on the ground and he’s beating your face in. You have a gun in your pocket. You shoot him. Well, you started the argument, but legally you have just used justifiable lethal force in self defense. It’s not about who said what to who. It’s about who felt their life was in danger.

The reason the jury acquitted Zimmerman is that the state simply couldn’t make a LEGAL case against him. He will have rough life as a result either way.


Black Women

Psychology Today released a very controversial article that did a scientific study on how people perceive attractiveness of others based on race. You can read the full article here if you so desire: Black Women are Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women. I’ve never run away from touchy subjects and I’m not about to start with this one, so here goes.

In the study, which used a valid statistical model, males and females of four ethnicities were evaluated by a random group of evaluators. The ethnicities were white, black, Asian, and native American. Universally, women were seen as more attractive than men. This should come as no surprise, considering men are fairly hideous creatures, with the obvious exception of Denzel Washington.

However, black women were seen as vastly less attractive than their female counterparts from other groups. The other three groups averaged a 0.19 latent attractiveness score, while black women received a -0.03. The numbers themselves aren’t meaningful, only that higher is more attractive and lower is less attractive. This study was then repeated three times to ensure validity.

The study found, however, that black men were seen as equally attractive as their counterparts from other groups. So essentially, of every major group, the only ones seen as unattractive were black women.

NOW. The study flipped things around and asked each of the groups to rate THEMSELVES on physical attractiveness. Guess what happened…

On a scale of 1-4, black women rated themselves significantly MORE attractive than their counterparts from other groups. So the very people that were broadly seen as unattractive rated themselves higher than any other group on attractiveness.

Interestingly, black men also rated themselves higher than their male counterparts as well.

This argues that the “thinking your hot” attribute has a cultural component that can be linked to being black in America. The question remains though, are black women unattractive, or is this leftover racism from the past?

Of course people came out SCREAMING about how racist and awful this study is. But the fact is, black MEN were seen as just as attractive as any other man. Black women were singled out. Some experts put forth the theory that black women’s higher testosterone was to blame for the phenomenon. Others claimed it was because black women, on average, have a higher BMI than other races. Some even argued it was because black women are “bitchier” than other races.

I find this complex. I myself have never found myself attracted to black or Asian women. I know tons of guys that absolutely drool over Asian women, though. I’ve always been attracted to the pastier women of society, but sometimes will find a Latina or native American girl attractive.

Is this lack of attraction to black women mean I’m a racist?

An interesting phenomenon has been black men abandoning the pursuit of black women for white women. This argues more in favor of overall attractiveness than a racial issue. Black men aren’t choosing white women because they are racist against black women.

I don’t claim to have any answers. I can tell you that there are plenty of ugly white women. I can tell you that any woman can be a bitch if she chooses to be. If I had the choice of dating Halle Berry or Janeane Garofalo, I wouldn’t choose Halle.

So what do you think? Are black women unattractive, or is the entire country racist strictly against female blacks?

Quiz: Am I A Bitch?

I’ve discovered over the years that many people are unaware of the fact that they are an bitch. This quiz is for the female readers. With a few simple questions we will get to the bottom of things.

Are You A Bitch

1. Do you use sex to get what you want?

2. When someone holds a door for you, do you walk in without saying a word?

3. Have you ever been in a catfight?

4. Do you drive a Volkswagen Beetle?

5. Do you keep a fat friend around to make you look better, that you talk about behind her back?

6. Have you ever slapped a man because you knew he couldn’t hit you back?

7. Do you silently (or actively) judge other women on their appearance?

8. Do you secretly hate women who marry rich?

9. Do you judge other women for doing the exact same things you do (did)?

10. Do you post Bible verses and positive platitudes online while simultaneously cussing your husband/boyfriend?

11. Have you ever cheated on your husband/boyfriend?

12. Do you believe that most men are worthless and lazy?

13. Have you ever yelled at a complete stranger other than to defend your child?

14. Do you wear provocative clothing and then complain that men look at you?

15. Have you ever gotten mad and thrown a phone or laptop?

Scoring the quiz:

Count the number of “Yes” questions and then use the following table:

0-2 You’re just an average girl
3-6 You are very immature
7-10 You’re a bitch
11-15 You’re a raging psychotic bitch