Black Women

Psychology Today released a very controversial article that did a scientific study on how people perceive attractiveness of others based on race. You can read the full article here if you so desire: Black Women are Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women. I’ve never run away from touchy subjects and I’m not about to start with this one, so here goes.

In the study, which used a valid statistical model, males and females of four ethnicities were evaluated by a random group of evaluators. The ethnicities were white, black, Asian, and native American. Universally, women were seen as more attractive than men. This should come as no surprise, considering men are fairly hideous creatures, with the obvious exception of Denzel Washington.

However, black women were seen as vastly less attractive than their female counterparts from other groups. The other three groups averaged a 0.19 latent attractiveness score, while black women received a -0.03. The numbers themselves aren’t meaningful, only that higher is more attractive and lower is less attractive. This study was then repeated three times to ensure validity.

The study found, however, that black men were seen as equally attractive as their counterparts from other groups. So essentially, of every major group, the only ones seen as unattractive were black women.

NOW. The study flipped things around and asked each of the groups to rate THEMSELVES on physical attractiveness. Guess what happened…

On a scale of 1-4, black women rated themselves significantly MORE attractive than their counterparts from other groups. So the very people that were broadly seen as unattractive rated themselves higher than any other group on attractiveness.

Interestingly, black men also rated themselves higher than their male counterparts as well.

This argues that the “thinking your hot” attribute has a cultural component that can be linked to being black in America. The question remains though, are black women unattractive, or is this leftover racism from the past?

Of course people came out SCREAMING about how racist and awful this study is. But the fact is, black MEN were seen as just as attractive as any other man. Black women were singled out. Some experts put forth the theory that black women’s higher testosterone was to blame for the phenomenon. Others claimed it was because black women, on average, have a higher BMI than other races. Some even argued it was because black women are “bitchier” than other races.

I find this complex. I myself have never found myself attracted to black or Asian women. I know tons of guys that absolutely drool over Asian women, though. I’ve always been attracted to the pastier women of society, but sometimes will find a Latina or native American girl attractive.

Is this lack of attraction to black women mean I’m a racist?

An interesting phenomenon has been black men abandoning the pursuit of black women for white women. This argues more in favor of overall attractiveness than a racial issue. Black men aren’t choosing white women because they are racist against black women.

I don’t claim to have any answers. I can tell you that there are plenty of ugly white women. I can tell you that any woman can be a bitch if she chooses to be. If I had the choice of dating Halle Berry or Janeane Garofalo, I wouldn’t choose Halle.

So what do you think? Are black women unattractive, or is the entire country racist strictly against female blacks?