Black Sky Radio

So, sorry I have been indisposed the past couple of days. According to my commitment I had to update every day except for 9 to the end of the year. I just burned 3 in a row.

Anyhow, I’ve been working on our very own Nightmare’s new radio station launch. He and Nivens (formerly with 98.9 the Rock in KC) have launched their new website at The Nivens & Nightmare show is from 2PM to 7PM Central time, and it’s pretty funny. The rest of the day you get a great variety of music, from hits to unsigned artists.

You can also request music and they actually play it!

I guess I didn’t really explain my absence. Here’s the geek reason. They are using SAM Broadcaster to actually produce their show. That sits on a computer at their studio. My server (in Michigan) has to talk to that SAM Broadcaster. That mean I had to install SHOUTcast Server on my server… and that involves SSH and a DOS prompt. Many hours of DOS prompt. Not my comfort zone, but it worked.

There’s no reason why this station shouldn’t have 10,000 listeners by the end of this calendar year.

So go support our mutual friend in his new pursuit!