April 15th, A Day Which Will Live in Infamy

I may have mentioned before that I hate the government, particularly their draconian lust for taxes.

This year is especially painful for me, because I am getting ready to write some very large checks to the feds and to the state of Kansas.

About $18,000 in fact.

Some of you barely MAKE $18,000 in a year. I’m far from rich, by the way. I make less than a third of the amount that Obama says makes you rich. Yet here I am, writing humongous checks.

I’d love to pay in pennies, but the shipping would cost thousands of dollars.

Perhaps I should take comfort in the fact that the government is doing so many good things with my money. For instance, our public school system – which is the laughing stock of the rest of the world. Or maybe our roads, which have potholes that eat entire Hummers. Maybe our gazillion bombs we’ve dropped on Iraq.

Wow, when you think of it like that, it’s even MORE maddening.

At least we’re taking my money and giving it to lazy people who watch soaps all day.

Back when I first started working, I worked 10 months in a factory. They gave me a temporary layoff, so I used the time to enroll in school. I also applied for unemployment, since I was going to be called back in a couple of months to work.

My request for unemployment was denied, because I was going to school during my layoff. If I had just sat at home watching TV, I would have gotten paid almost as much as I had been paid while working.

Yes, the way we encourage personal betterment is just stunning, isn’t it?

So what has the government done for me?