Almost daily, news organizations post stories about Apple – their products, their marketing, their financial success. And inevitably, it becomes an all out war in the comments section. On one side, you have Apple fans, like myself. On the other, you have militant anti-Apple folks who for some reason feel it necessary to call Apple product fans “losers,” “hipsters,” and “morons.”

I’m most certainly a big Apple fan. I have a Mac Pro, a Macbook Pro, an iPad 3, and an iPhone (5 as of tomorrow). I wasn’t always. In fact, it might surprise most people to know that I only made the switch about two years ago.

I’ve always been a technology guy. I’m an early adopter, and I love trying out new gadgets, fast computers, new software, and I like to do it as soon as it comes out. I’ve had some of the fastest PC’s you can find. I’ve had Android phones, Blackberries, and good old fashioned flip phones.

No one would ever call me a hipster. I’m actually quite a nerd. But I’m also not a moron. I’m a reasonably intelligent, employed person that happens to like good technology and good design (aesthetics).

Apple is the ONLY company that merges solid technology and good design. They don’t have the best hardware in the world (although it’s competitive). What they do have is the corner on the market on technology that works cohesively and looks good at the same time. Of course they have missteps. Last year they released Final Cut Pro X, which was a complete bastardization of Final Cut Studio, which professional video editors had been using for years. They took away virtually ever professional feature. No one can figure out why. But those missteps are few and far between.

Since Apple designs their hardware and software together, they work seamlessly. What Android users bemoan as the worst thing in the world about Apple (“you can’t customize stuff”) is exactly why Apple wins, hands down. If you buy an app from the Apple app store, it will work. They have crazy quality control on third party apps. When I had my Droid X, about 50% of the apps I purchased from the Google store were complete and utter failures.

And I couldn’t ever get music to sync up with my already-existing music library, no matter how many times the Verizon folks assured me I’d be able to.

I don’t want a phone I can “jailbreak” and download pirated music. That’s not me. I want to pay for my music because I believe in property rights. I want a phone, a computer, and a tablet that turn on when I tell them to, don’t crash, and that never get in the way of me doing what I’m trying to do.

And for people like me who have some Windows software that can only run on windows – well, it’s not a problem. I run Windows 7 Professional on my Macs using Parallels, and you’d never know the difference.

Apple delivers elegant simplicity. So far, anyhow, I haven’t seen anyone else that does.

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  1. Meg
    September 20, 2012 at 3:10 pm

    I happen to love my MacBook Air. And I just bought and iPod touch that I can’t stop playing with. If that makes me a hipster or a loser then so be it. Like someone I know once said, “Once you go Mac, you never go back.”.

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