Another Day In Paradise


As much as it pains me. I’ll update.

I’m tie-erd.

The last two weeks with the old company were almost the death of me, because I was also working at the new place. I put in about 90 hours both weeks. My dogs started selling themselves downtown to get some attention. I actually don’t remember what I did.

So anyhoo.

I’m totally unmedicated now. I have been for about two weeks. That’s the good news. The bad news is, I’ve been cranky ever since I went off of them. I’m sure it will wear off, but for now, just deal with it.

My last day of work, my employees got me a card with some cizash inside, so that was cool. A couple of people got me cards, and “Lynne” got me a neato clock for my new office. It looks good in my big stinking office, I must say.

A bunch of us went out Friday night, first to the bar to get started, and then to the Japanese steakhouse. It was awesome, per usual. I ate so much I had to take off my belt for the drive home. Here’s a censored picture of the group at the Japanese place. I censored out everyone that I’ve never posted a picture or asked permission of…

If I censored you and you don’t mind me “uncensoring” the picture, just email me, and I’ll update the picture. If you aren’t censored, and you’d like to be…. HAHAHAHAHA… TOO LATE, SUCKERS!
As you can see, we hadn’t yet had any food, and there were a lot of drinks strewn about. That’s always good.

Saturday night I went to the 88th Annual performance of Handel’s Messiah at the RLDS World Headquarters. It was my 15th year in a row to attend.

Then on Sunday, it was a big day of raking and working outside. It was a chilly 40 degrees, but I worked up a sweat anyway.

And the on Monday night, the Chiefs got humiliated in their own stadium by the stinking Patriots. Talk about a bad performance. We didn’t do anything right. Now I’m bitter.

That is all.