American Cars Suck

Why is it that after all these years, Chrysler Dodge still can’t make a decent vehicle? Mine’s not broken down, per say, but it does have some problems, that frankly it shouldn’t have after only 28,000 miles.
For instance, the foam sound barrier between the door and the engine compartment has decided it would prefer to be hanging out inside the car, trapped between the hinges of the door. Every day, I push it back into place, and every night, it’s worked its way back into the car.

And the air conditioning… don’t get me started. It has “infinite” variability, or in other words, it has a dial that can be set anywhere you want. However, what they don’t tell you is, there are actually only two settings. Freaking cold, or freaking hot. If you put the dial right in the middle, it will be freaking cold or freaking hot. If you move it one micron to either direction, it changes to the opposite. There is no actual way to control the temperature, except to run the heat with the windows down.

The Japanese and the Germans can engineer a car with quality. Heck, the Japanese can even do it and still be affordable. The American car makers cry, piss and moan constantly that real Americans are screwing them by buying foreign cars.

Well I’ll be darned. I wasn’t aware that choosing a car that was both reliable AND affordable made me un-American. If GM could figure out how to do it, maybe I’d consider it. Frankly, if something doesn’t change, I’ll be buying German cars from now on. They know how to make them over there.

I think the UAW has become so whiny and demanding, they’ve lost sight of what’s really important: the customer.

That’s why I will no longer be one.