ALERT: Call Your Senators!

Senator Dick Durbin, who now only represents illegal aliens and perpetual losers rather than the average American, is reintroducing an act deceptively named “The Dream Act.” The Dream Act, despite what you may have heard or not heard, is being attached to a defense bill as an amendment, even though it has nothing to do with defense. Durbin is using this tactic to sneak this legislation through because he knows the urgency of the defense bill.

The Dream Act is amnesty. The Dream Act also grants in-state tuition to illegal aliens nationwide. I’ll bet YOU didn’t get in-state tuition, and YOU are an American citizen!!! I live in Kansas but attend the University of Missouri. I pay out-of-state tuition, even though I’m a commuter student less than 30 minutes from the college.

The Dream Act basically states that if an illegal alien files a document stating he/she was in the United States for at least 5 years and was in the United States before their 16th birthday, that merely FILING the document makes them temporarily legal. And of course it’s completely impossible to verify how long and undocumented worker has been in the US, so you can see where that’s headed. THEN, once the document is approved, they are granted permanent legal status. It also fast-tracks the illegal aliens to citizenship, while leaving those who have immigrated legally on the slow track.

The Democrats won’t stop trying to sneak amnesty through, and it’s up to us to once again burn up the phone lines to our senators. We killed the Immigration Reform Act through our public outcry, and we need to do the same thing again. LaRaza supports the Dream Act… that in itself should tell you it isn’t in the country’s best interests.

Call your Senator’s office at 202-224-3121 TODAY and tell them to oppose the Dream Act because it’s another underhanded attempt to grant amnesty and give special rights that even AMERICAN CITIZENS don’t get. They must be stopped.

You can read another interesting article about the Dream Act at This Blog, and there’s a good article on the Heritage Foundation’s website as well.


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