Affirmative Action

So I was watching the Chiefs today, thinking about how few white players there are. It’s actually quite interesting, the population of the US is about 14% black, but the NFL is probably at least 60-70% black. Now that’s some seriously out-of-kilter action there. However, then I started thinking about how awful the NFL would be if we tried to keep the demographics only 14% black. That’s when it hit me that reverse Affirmative Action would be the demise of the NFL… it would replace the most talented athletes you can find with less talented but white guys.

Of course, then I started thinking what a great analogy that is for the rest of society. Affirmative Action frequently means that a less-talented black guy gets a job, a school acceptance, etc., even though there’s a more talented guy who wants the same job. The black guy gets the job regardless merely because he’s black. Now clearly, statistically speaking, roughly 14% of the time, the black guy will BE the most talented guy in any given situation. That isn’t perfect math in the real world, but it’s close.

Black people would throw the biggest hissy-fit known to man if the NFL was required to keep a certain percentage of white guys in the league just because they’re white… passing over more talented black guys just because they’re black… but that happens in schools and businesses every day in America.

Food for thought.